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Winged Pikmin lifting up a clipboard.

The clipboard is a fairly rare obstacle found a few times in Pikmin 3. It is a wooden board with a pink handle on it, and it is held by a hinge. It can be overturned, where it either opens something concealed, or serves as a bridge to cross a gap with. Eight Winged Pikmin are required to lift a clipboard. When they finish lifting it, they will naturally follow a path back to the leader, but if they are whistled before reaching the leader, they will use the regular path-finding algorithm, which could result in them getting stuck behind the newly-lifted clipboard. Hence, it is advised to not whistle the Pikmin after they have finished lifting the board.


In the Twilight River, two clipboards appear near the Tremendous Sniffer. Underneath one are 15 fragments; under the other are 8 Dwarf Orange Bulborbs. In the Garden of Hope, a clipboard is located to the southwest of the Blue Onion, where it hides a Velvety Dreamdrop. The last clipboard is in the Formidable Oak, but instead of covering anything, it acts as a shortcut to cross a gap. There are no clipboards in Mission Mode or Bingo Battle.

Name in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese バッタン被?
Battan Hi
Thud cover


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