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Prerelease information

Concept art of the leaders in Pikmin 3, showing a "Character D" who isn't present in the final game.
"Character D" (leftmost) is one of the most infamous pieces of content that have been removed for the final version of Pikmin 3.
"Alpha" redirects here. For the blue-haired Koppaite, see Alph.

During production of the Pikmin games, some ideas were thought of, but ultimately discarded when the game was finally released. Some of those aspects can still be found in old trailers, magazine screenshots, and the like. Although some of the content remained in the final game, but went unused, these article focus on content that used to exist or was different before the games were concluded. Because these normally belong in the stages of development commonly called alpha and beta, fans call this "alpha information" or "beta information".

Pikmin gamesEdit

The following articles contain information about content that has been changed for the final version of the Pikmin games.

There is no article about the prerelease information for Pikmin Bloom, because almost nothing was published about that game before its release. There was a closed beta, but information from the beta period is protected by a non-disclosure agreement.

Adam and EveEdit

Main article: Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve is a game that never got finished, and was the basis for the Pikmin franchise. Shigeru Miyamoto said the idea wasn't interactive enough, so he scrapped the idea and reworked it into Pikmin.

Nintendo DS patentEdit

Main article: Patent US7762893.

"US7762893" was a patent filed by Yuji Kando and Yutaka Hirameki for a game running on device that looks like a Nintendo DS, and highly resembles the Pikmin series.

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