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Adam and Eve is a scrapped game which formed the basis of the Pikmin series; the cancelled Super Mario 128, of which only a demo was ever shown, also contributed elements to the series, most notably the concept and technicalities of having a vast number of on-screen elements (the Pikmin).

According to an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, the original plans for Pikmin was to be a game where one could watch the development of two human beings where the player played as a god character. They would be able to make the two characters do thing such as fight, or nest and have children. That game's working title was "Adam and Eve". Eventually, this idea was found to be far too uninteractive and thus Pikmin were introduced as well as the other concepts found in the game, and most of the original plans were scrapped. An element that remained in the game is Bulborbs, which originally played a 'mammoth-like' role.

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