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A Bouncy Mushroom in the Distant Tundra, viewed from above.
A Bouncy Mushroom in Pikmin 3, a tool that gives access to certain sections of areas.

Some interactive objects in the Pikmin games serve as tools to help the player achieve tasks. They might eliminate an obstacle, give access to a section of an area, or contain a useful item. Some tools require multiple Pikmin to work together to use them. Although the main purpose of these objects is to help the player achieve some goal, some of them may actually be a minor obstruction until they are used properly, making them obstacles themselves in a way.

List of tools

Icon Name Description Games
Pikmin Pikmin 2 Pikmin 3 Pikmin 4 Hey! Pikmin
Bloominous Stemple icon.png Bloominous Stemple Large, white plants that react to light, and act as platforms. They only bloom when there is an active light nearby. No No Yes No Yes
Bouncy Mushroom icon.png Bouncy Mushroom Bouncy Mushrooms let leaders and Pikmin bounce to otherwise inaccessible places. No No Yes Yes Yes
Bridge P1 icon.png
Bridge P3 icon.png
Bridge Unbuilt bridges can be found on the edge of some gaps between pieces of terrain, and Pikmin must build the bridge in order to pass through. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Climbing stick icon.png Climbing stick Sticks used to climb to higher places. They must be extended first. Yes No Yes Yes No
Conveyor belt icon.png Conveyor belt Metallic belts that roll in a direction, carrying things on top of them. No No Yes Yes No
Dirt mound icon.png Dirt mound Mounds of dirt that hold small items, which can be revealed by sending Pikmin to dig in it. No No Yes Yes No
Electrode icon.png Electrode An open circuit that needs Yellow Pikmin to close it. Upon closing the circuit, a light activates. No No Yes No Yes
Elevator platforms icon.png Elevator platform Elevator platforms come in pairs, and when enough weight is applied onto one, the other rises. No No Yes No Yes
Flukeweed icon.png Flukeweed Pink, curly plants that are attached to buried objects. Winged Pikmin can lift these objects up. No No Yes No No
Fragment icon.png Fragments Pieces of broken objects found in piles that are used to build bridges. Pikmin deliver them to the bridge, until all fragments have been delivered. No No Yes No Yes
Geyser icon.png Geyser Water geysers in Pikmin, Pikmin 3, and Pikmin 4 allow access to newer areas, but may need to be activated first. Yes No Yes Yes No
Hay icon.png Hay A bundle of hay acts similar to bridge fragments. Hay is used to build ramps. No No Yes No No
Iron ball icon.png Iron ball Large spheres that can be pushed by a certain number of Pikmin, until they roll off a cliff. No No Yes No No
A liftable rock icon, used to represent the obstacle found in the games. Liftable rock Heavy rocks wrapped in vines that can be held on to by Winged Pikmin, which can then lift the obstacles into the air. No No No No Yes
Lily pad icon.png Lily pad Floating plants that are used to navigate bodies of water. No No Yes No No
A pulley rock icon, used to represent the obstacle found in the games. Pulley rock A rock attached to a pulley system. Pikmin can hold on to a stick on the other end to lift up the rock, and place it out of the way. No No No No Yes
Seesaw blocks P2 icon.png
Seesaw blocks P3 icon.png
Seesaw block Seesaw blocks come in pairs, and when enough weight is applied onto one, the other rises. No Yes Yes No No

Minor tools

Main article: Minor tools.

Several other kinds of tools appear in the Pikmin series, but are much rarer than the tools listed above.

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