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Conveyor belt

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A conveyor belt and a switch.

Conveyor belts are rare obstacles found in Pikmin 3. They are found only in Mission Mode, and then only in Clockwork Chasm. They are silver pathways that automatically and constantly move in one direction. Objects on top of one are carried along the belt until they reach static land or fall into the abyss. Some belts are faster than others, and although leaders and Pikmin are fast enough to cross against the slower ones, faster ones may make it impossible to go against the flow. Regardless of speed, Pikmin will only carry objects with the flow. The direction of all belts in the stage can be reversed if a leader or Pikmin is thrown onto a conveyor switch.

The conveyor belts in Clockwork Chasm are used as the stage's main gimmick; so much so that the leaders and a blob of nectar begin on top of one on the Collect Treasure! mission, which carries them to the main platform. They mostly provide a strategy element to the stage, since players have to plan out their usual routine, but also have to coordinate when and where the conveyor belts must be switched, to help Pikmin move quicker or open up paths. In this stage, there are 22 belts in the Collect Treasure! mission, and 18 in the Battle Enemies! mission.

Conveyor switch[edit]

Located throughout the stage are conveyor switches that are used to reverse the flow of all of the conveyor belts.[1] The device is simply a platform with two round buttons facing upward – one blue and one yellow. One of the buttons will be depressed and the other will be popped out upward. The button that is pressed down will also emit a light. Leaders or Pikmin can be thrown on top of the button that is popped out in order to press it, which will not only revert the flow of all conveyor belts, but also pop out the other button. All conveyor belts are also lined with small lights that always match the color of the depressed button.


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  • Conveyor switches are the only objects that can be locked-on that are exclusive to Mission Mode, and conveyor belts only appear here too. Every other interactable object from Mission Mode appears at least once in Story Mode.

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