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The loading screen in Story Mode in Pikmin 3 Deluxe when an objective applies to the area being landed in. Here the objective text is split between 2 lines, but objectives with less text only use the top line without changing the position of the other pieces of text, leaving a larger gap for the reflection effect.
An objective on the loading screen in Pikmin 3 Deluxe.

Since this subject has no official name, the name "Objective" is conjectural.

Pikmin 3's Story Mode contains a number of objectives that separate the story into sections based on the current major goal. These objectives are short pieces of text that appear on the day selection menu in Pikmin 3, and additionally on the saved game selection menu, the loading screen, and the radar in Pikmin 3 Deluxe. Objectives apply to a specific day, and each day's objective is saved for a playthrough. Objectives are a way for the game to guide the player towards advancing through the story.


The following is a list of all the distinct objectives in Pikmin 3 Deluxe. Objectives can be different between the menus (the saved game selection menu and the day selection menu), the loading screen, and the radar. The radar and loading screen will only show an objective if it applies to the area the player is in. If the player lands in a different area, the loading screen will show no objective, and the radar will say "Head to [name of area the current objective applies to]!". Note that the objectives appear after the condition is fulfilled, not while the condition is being fulfilled.

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Progress Objective text Area
Get the KopPad Find S.S. Drake![note 1] Tropical Wilds
Completed day 1 Where's Brittany? Garden of Hope
Landed in the Garden of Hope Find Brittany! Garden of Hope
Seen Brittany Find the Fruit! Garden of Hope
Seen the first Sunseed Berry Save Brittany! Garden of Hope
Got Rock Pikmin Brittany and the Fruit Garden of Hope
Rescued Brittany The Captain's Signal? Garden of Hope
Collected the data file in the Armored Mawdad corridor Follow the Signal! Garden of Hope
Seen the Armored Mawdad Defeat the Armored Mawdad! Garden of Hope
Defeated the Armored Mawdad Recover the Device! Garden of Hope
Collected the Data Glutton Find the Captain! Garden of Hope[note 2]/Distant Tundra
Landed in the Distant Tundra Find Alph![note 3] Distant Tundra
Left the Yellow Pikmin cave Reunite with Brittany! Distant Tundra
Completed the double bridge Where's the Captain? Distant Tundra
Seen the Vehemoth Phosbat Defeat the Vehemoth Phosbat! Distant Tundra
Defeated the Vehemoth Phosbat Find the Cosmic-Drive Key! Distant Tundra[note 4]/Tropical Wilds
Landed in the Tropical Wilds Follow the Mystery Signal! Tropical Wilds
Seen the Sandbelching Meerslug The Sandbelching Meerslug Tropical Wilds
Defeated the Sandbelching Meerslug Recover the High-Tech Device! Tropical Wilds
Collected the Folded Data Glutton To Twilight River! Tropical Wilds[note 5]/Twilight River
Landed in the Twilight River Track the Mystery Signal Twilight River
Seen the Winged Onion Save the Winged Onion! Twilight River
Freed the Winged Onion from the Arachnode Winged Pikmin! Twilight River
Got Winged Pikmin SOS from Olimar Twilight River
Lifted the dam Save Olimar! Twilight River
Seen the Scornet Maestro Defeat the Scornet Maestro! Twilight River
Defeated the Scornet Maestro Retrieve Olimar! Twilight River
Collected Louie Find Fruit![note 6] All areas
Collected Louie and have juice remaining Follow Olimar![note 7] Garden of Hope
Started lifting the flukeweed with the Blue Onion The Blue Onion[note 8] Garden of Hope
Lifted the flukeweed Blue Pikmin Garden of Hope
Got Blue Pikmin Find the Hocotatian! Garden of Hope
Awaken the Quaggled Mireclops Save the Hocotatian! Garden of Hope
Defeated the Quaggled Mireclops Retrieve the Hocotatian! Garden of Hope
Collected Louie for the second time Head to the Formidable Oak Garden of Hope[note 9]/Formidable Oak
Landed in the Formidable Oak Find Captain Olimar! Formidable Oak
Seen Captain Olimar Save Captain Olimar! Formidable Oak
  1. ^ Does not appear on menus or the loading screen. The menus say "Exploration Day 1" for day 1.
  2. ^ Only on the radar on the day the Data Glutton is collected.
  3. ^ Does not appear on menus or the loading screen because the day cannot end while in the cave.
  4. ^ Only on the radar on the day the Vehemoth Phosbat is defeated.
  5. ^ Only on the radar on the day the Folded Data Glutton is collected.
  6. ^ This objective appears on the radar in the Twilight River when Louie is collected, but will only appear on menus and the loading screen for the next day if the player has less than 1 bottle of juice, as Louie will not land in the Garden of Hope until the player has at least 1 bottle of juice at the start of the day. If there is a day with the "Find Fruit!" objective (not including the day Louie is collected), the day Louie lands in the Garden of Hope will also have the "Find Fruit!" objective in the menus.
  7. ^ As the loading screen is different on the day Louie lands in the Garden of Hope, this objective is not shown on the loading screen that day, though it will be shown on later days if the Blue Onion has not been lifted yet. This objective will be shown on the menus for the day Louie lands in the Garden of Hope, unless the previous day had the "Find Fruit!" objective.
  8. ^ Does not appear on menus or the loading screen; they will use the "Follow Olimar!" objective.
  9. ^ Only on the radar on the day Louie is collected.

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