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Distant Tundra Remix

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Distant Tundra Remix
Battle Enemies!

Snapshot from the Distant Tundra Remix stage.

Starting Pikmin
Red Pikmin P3 icon.png Rock Pikmin P3 icon.png Yellow Pikmin P3 icon.png
10 20 10
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
310 460 610 760
Time limit 9:00
Music Mission Mode (Levels 1-10)

Distant Tundra Remix is a Mission Mode stage in Pikmin 3. It is set in parts of the Distant Tundra, with different enemy and object placement to Story Mode, and is playable in the Battle Enemies! mode only. In the original Pikmin 3, it was released as downloadable content on November 6th, 2013, while in Pikmin 3 Deluxe, it is part of the base game and can be unlocked by completing the first 5 Battle Enemies! stages.

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The player starts off with Alph on an elevated area (nearby where the landing site is normally) with the Red Onion. Also nearby are 10 planted Red Pikmin. Further west is an Arctic Cannon Larva, shooting snowballs down a long path. Also west is a stack of Hay, forming a ramp to the lower level. On the lower level, there is a group of 5 Male Sheargrubs off to the west. Past that is a Bouncy Mushroom, which leads down to the Yellow Onion.

At the Yellow Onion is Brittany, accompanied by 10 Yellow Pikmin idling nearby. There are some Spotcaps and 2 Kingcaps blocking the path to the northeast. Down this path is a place where Yellow Pikmin can be thrown across the river to the Rock Onion. The Rock Onion is closed off by 2 electric gates, meaning Yellow Pikmin must be thrown across. To the northwest of the Rock Onion, on the other side of an electric gate, is Captain Charlie.

Charlie is located near the Electric gate, and has 10 planted Rock Pikmin nearby. However, the Rock Onion is closed off, so Yellow Pikmin are necessary to access it. To the north is a platform that can only be reached with a Geyser. On the platform is yet another Arctic Cannon Larva. Another geyser is located nearby, and leads higher up. There is a path to the east, and a small hole in the wall. Past this small hole is another Arctic Cannon Larva. Further down the path is a Swooping Snitchbug, with 5 planted Rock Pikmin nearby. Past it is a large crystal, blocking off the path to the slide down to the Rock Onion. While this does provide access to the Onion, none of the corpses will be able to be carried back.

To the east of the Rock Onion is yet another electric gate, blocking off an area with a Bearded Amprat and a Joustmite. Also nearby is a large crystal, blocking off another slide with a bouncy mushroom at the end. This bouncy mushroom leads to a overturned flower pot with 5 planted Rock Pikmin on it. Nearby is another Joustmite. Also near the pot is a series of bouncy mushrooms leading over to the other side of the river.

Further east of the Joustmite is a long path, leading down to a large field, which holds just 1 lone Bearded Amprat. By going south, one can see a Joustmite and a Bearded Amprat. By going southwest, the player is now in the normal land site, but here, it is occupied by 2 Pyroclasmic Slooches. Past them is an electric gate, which brings the player back towards the Red Onion. Nearby is a Fiery Blowhog. To the east is a small bridge, and on the other side is a group of 5 Male Sheargrubs.

There is an elevated area to the south of the Sheargrubs, which leaders can only be thrown across to. This area houses a long Joustmite. To the west, however, is a room closed off by a crystal wall that is full of enemies, including a Fiery Blowhog, 2 Swooping Snitchbugs, and 2 Whiptounge Bulborbs. To the corner of the arena is a geyser, which leads back to the Red Onion.



The order in Pikmin 3 is Alph, Charlie, Brittany. The order in Pikmin 3 Deluxe is Brittany, Alph, Charlie.

Starting Pikmin

World recordsEdit

In Pikmin 3, these are the world records for the challenge, as obtained from the in-game global rankings feature. The following scores were retrieved on June 20th, 2016. Since the in-game leaderboards have been compromised, it is impossible to obtain more up-to-date legitimate records from the game, though players may have obtained higher scores since.

  • Solo:   × 4280
  • Co-op:   × 4180

In Pikmin 3 Deluxe, these are the world records for the challenge, as obtained from the in-game global rankings feature. The following scores were retrieved on June 27th, 2022.

  • Solo:   × 5100
  • Co-op:   × 4810


Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
  French Toundra perdue bis Alternative lost tundra
  German Eisöde der Verwirrung 2 Ice-Desert of Confusion 2
  Spanish (NoE) Páramo Blanco 2 White Tundra 2