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Hey! Pikmin logs menu

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Logs menu
Berserker Brush from Hey! Pikmin.
Viewing the Berserker Brush.
Accessed from Area selection menu, Area results menu
Music Logs

The logs menu in Hey! Pikmin allows the viewing of the Hey! Pikmin logs. It can be accessed from the area selection menu or from the area results menu, using the "Logs" button with a data file for an icon, present on the touch screen in either case.

When the logs are entered, the game automatically selects the Pikmin Log category. Whilst on a category, the top screen contains the S.S. Dolphin II's pod saying a quick description of the category, while the bottom screen has a grid with the icons of each entry. Undiscovered entries will show a question mark instead. Only 15 entries fit per page, so if there are other pages, a button will appear on the left and/or right side allowing the player to go to the previous or next page, respectively. Dots on the bottom-left, below the grid, represent the current page and how many there are in total.

Upon touching an entry's icon, that entry is opened. The top screen then contains Olimar's thoughts about the entry, as well as the name on the top. The bottom screen shows a 3D model of the entry. To the right of the model is the silhouette of a Pikmin, so that the player can compare the model's size to that of a standard Pikmin. This silhouette will not appear when viewing a Pikmin, naturally. The bottom screen also has two buttons at the top, that show the first and second pages of the journal text, in case the current entry's text can't fit in one page. These buttons are disabled if it does fit in a single page. Buttons also appear on the left and right edges allowing the player to quickly see the previous or next entry, respectively, if there are any entries before or after. The player can also drag across the main model viewing area to rotate the camera around. Tapping the camera button on the top-left of this window will reset the camera to the default position, and tapping anywhere on the window itself will make the Pikmin or enemy perform an action, from a small pool of possible actions, that depend on the entry.

On any screen of the logs menu, there are four buttons on the very bottom of the touch screen. The "Return" button returns to the area selection menu or area completion results screen. The Red Pikmin icon opens the Pikmin Log category, the Mockiwi icon opens the enemy log category, the Loop of Beginnings icon opens the Treasure Log category, and the Colossus in Suspenders's icon opens the amiibo Log category. When viewing an entry, the only way to return to the category view is through one of the category buttons, since the "Return" button always leaves the logs menu.

If there are any unread entries, the "Logs" button on either the area selection screen or area completion results screen will contain a red exclamation mark, and any categories with unread entries as well as the icons of the unread entries themselves will have the word "NEW" on top of them.

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