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Hotel Pikmin
The logo for Hotel Pikmin.
US version logo
Japanese name ホテルピクミン?
Console Nintendo Switch
Developer Nintendo EAD
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Platforming, puzzle
Players 1-2
Saved game size Unknown
Release date
Japan April 5th, 2019
North America April 5th, 2019
Europe April 5th, 2019
Australia April 5th, 2019
South Korea N/A

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Hotel Pikmin is an upcoming Nintendo Switch game, scheduled to be released on April 5th, 2019. Few details are known about the game other than a cutscene and minor details that were leaked.

The game's art style, or at least the style of the cutscenes, is radically different from the previous games in the series, instead opting for a more cartoony, "MS Paint-like" aesthetic. The characters have also been given English voices, which is a first in the series.


From what can be gathered about the cutscene, the story revolves around Captain Olimar and Louie in a new adventure on PNF-404.

Olimar and Louie can be seen walking into Hocotate Freight to discuss an upcoming vacation with the President, who he both invited to. Upon arriving, Olimar notices a letter left behind by the President, addressed to the two employees. In it, he explains how him and his wife have taken another loan by the All-Devouring Black Hole Loan Sharks, to help out Hocotate Freight. In doing so, they have sold the S.S. Dolphin. The President tasks the two with going to PNF-404 to help repay the debt once more.

For some bizarre reason, an Emperor Bulblax can be found hiding in Hocotate Freight.

It is currently unknown where this game takes place in the timeline, or if it is canon, but judging from how the President says that this is another loan, it must happen after the first loan in Pikmin 2.

Cutscene transcription

  • [Captain Olimar and Louie enter Hocotate Freight.]
  • [Emperor Bulblax peeks from behind a mound and growls.]
  • Olimar: "Nice of the President to invite us over for a vacation, eh Louie?"
  • Louie: "I hope there'll be lots of bugs!"
  • Olimar: "Louie, look!"
  • [Olimar points to a data file on the front door of Hocotate Freight's main building, then picks it up to read it.]
  • Olimar: "It's from the President!"
  • Olimar: "Dear dolts. The wife and I have taken another loan! The Dolphin is now a permanent guest at the Loan Shark's warehouse. I dare ya to repay the debt if you can!"
  • Olimar: "We gotta save the company!"
  • [Louie points at the viewer.]
  • Louie: "And you gotta help us!"
  • Olimar: "If you need instructions on how to control the Pikmin, check out the enclosed data file."


Nothing is known about the gameplay, except that it will take place, at least in part, in PNF-404. Captain Olimar also mentions the return of data files to the series, and explains how they can be used by the player to help them understand how to control the Pikmin.



Pikmin are known to return, but it is unknown in what way.


  • Captain Olimar – the veteran space explorer.
  • Louie – Olimar's companion in this adventure. He seems to have kept his taste for bugs.
  • The President – the President of Hocotate Freight, and the one who sends the duo to PNF-404 to repay the debt.
  • The President's wife – presumed co-owner of the company. According to the President, she is also involved with this new loan.



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