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Rescue Command Post

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Rescue Command Post

A screenshot of Pikmin 4 showing the Rescue Command Post.

Radar map of the Rescue Command Post.

Treasures 3
Caves 1
Dandori Challenges 1
Suggested Pikmin None
Requirements None
Next area Sun-Speckled Terrace
Music Rescue Command Post

The Rescue Command Post (レスキューキャンプ?, lit.: "Rescue Camp") is an area in Pikmin 4 that functions as a hub area. Unlike the main areas, time does not pass while in this area, and all days start and end here, with the player choosing another area to visit during the day. It is a small tutorial area, unlocked from the start of the game.


This area is first landed in at the beginning of the game, after Olimar's prologue. After the player character lands safely, they finds Oatchi and uproot a potted plant to rescue Collin. The group then tries to navigate to the S.S. Shepherd in the distance, during which they discover the Burrow of Beginnings and find Shepherd under attack by some Bulborb Larva inside. After rescuing her, they exit the cave to reach the damaged S.S. Shepherd, and find that Icon that represents Sparklium on the wiki, based on the icon found in Pikmin 4. × 300 must be gathered to restart the ship. After discovering the Red Onion and collecting 3 treasures nearby, the S.S. Shepherd gains enough energy to enable its radar, which unlocks the Sun-Speckled Terrace.

From here, the area serves as a hub at the start of each day, where the player can talk to rescued castaways to use features such as the Piklopedia, Treasure Catalog, accept Side Missions, train Oatchi, buy items and gear from the lab, and choose an area to explore. No time passes in this location, with the sole exception of attempting the Trial of the Sage Leaf, which takes the full day.

The area expands as more castaways are found, revealing the nearby crash site of the S.S. Dolphin.


The Rescue Command Post is a small area with various grassy and dirt terrain. The tutorial section in the east of the area is a long winding corridor, with large-leafed vegetation overhanging it. The corridor ends at one entrance to the Burrow of Beginnings, which is separated from the other entrance by a wooden block that can only be passed with a jump once Oatchi grows. Down a ledge from this entrance is the main section of the area, which is a flat open space. The S.S. Shepherd, S.S. Beagle, and Onion are here, and there is also a small raised area with flowers on top, lined with small stone bricks. Surrounding the main area on the south and west sides is the upper part of the area, which contains 3 distinct sections. These sections are unlocked as the player rescues castaways and leaflings; initially they are blocked off by stone bricks and filled with plants, but as they are opened the bricks and plants disappear to reveal a mostly flat area with bricks embedded into the ground. In the background surrounding the area, there are various garden beds, some with little signs in the ground indicating what plant it is, though with no text, and in the distance, there is a large stone staircase.


Dandori Challenges[edit]






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Before the area becomes the main hub, you have to go through an opening tutorial when you first arrive in this area. First, you'll need to go forward and meet Oatchi, then set him to work on pulling the potted plant to open the way forward. Continue along the path until you find the buried cave entrance of the Burrow of Beginnings. Tell Oatchi to dig and, once it's been uncovered, enter it. Continue forward and you will find Shepherd surrounded by Bulborb Larvae. Attack them and once they're defeated, and Shepherd saved, break the nearby jars and go through the cave until you reach the escape wind exhaust. Once outside, go to the S.S. Shepherd. You will be tasked with finding and collecting treasures. You can safely look for them without the worry of enemies or the day timer. The first thing you should do is go to the other side of the area where you'll find the buried Red Onion. Tell Oatchi to retrieve it, and once the Onion has settled and you discovered the first Red Pikmin, start collecting pellets and grow more Pikmin to collect the treasures. The Noble Bident is semi-buried right next to the Onion and Pellet Posies. The Path Creator is hidden behind the S.S. Shepherd. The Stone of Advancement is on top of the blue pot; to get it down, rush at the pot with Oatchi. Once you collect all three in the area, the first day will end and the area will become the main hub area.

You will start at the Rescue Command Post in the beginning of each subsequent day. You speak to Collin to be able to explore another area. Alternatively, you can speak with the other rescued castaways to get missions from them, or you can grow extra Pikmin with the six Pellet Posies that grow back every day, or even wait for them to mature.


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  • In a video on the title screen (which was also used in the game's reveal trailer), a White Spectralids can be seen in the Rescue Command Post. In the actual game, however, no White Spectralids (or enemies of any kind) appear in the area.
  • The Rescue Command Post is the first (and so far only) playable hub area in the Pikmin series, with all games prior only having an area selection menu. This also makes it one of the few above-ground areas where time does not pass at all.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese レスキューキャンプ?
Resukyū Kyanpu
Rescue Camp
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Jiùyuán Yíng
Rescue Camp
Flag of China Chinese
Jiùyuán Yíng
Rescue Camp
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Reddingsbasis Rescue base
Flag of France French Camp de base Base camp
Flag of Germany German Basiscamp Base camp
Flag of Italy Italian Accampamento Camp
Flag of South Korea Korean 구조대 캠프
Gujodae Kaempeu
Rescue Unit Camp
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Posto de comando Command post
Flag of Spain Spanish Campamento Camp

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