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Potted plant

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The leaf texture used in Pikmin 2's Challenge Mode menu. (Used on Pikipedia in the {{stub}} template.)

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Some Pikmin pulling a giant root next to some Pellet Posies in Pikmin 4.
A potted plant being pulled.

Potted plants are obstacles in Pikmin 4. They take on the form of a broken vase lying horizontally on the ground with its bottom and parts of its sides missing. Inside this vase is a bunch of dirt and an unidentified plant with its roots all over the dirt. The plant ends with a large green leaf, not unlike the leaf seen atop a Pikmin's head. Because the pot is tipped over, the plant's long stem and leaf are sprawled out on the ground.

There is nothing that can be done from the bottom side of the vase since there's only dirt, but from the top side Pikmin and Oatchi are able to pull on the plant, roots included. The dirt pile and plant then stretch out more and more until eventually the dirt collapses, the roots are freed, and the Pikmin are knocked onto the floor, slightly throwing the plant with them. The small chunks of dirt the obstacle breaks into simply disappear into the floor as they fall, while the plant smoothly vanishes shortly after being uprooted. With the obstacle removed, players are free to walk through either side of the obstacle.


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  • Rescue Command Post
    • Located just after you find Oatchi where the SPERO initially lands. Pulling it out leads access to Collin and the rest of the area.
  • Sun-Speckled Terrace
    • Located west of the Last Frost Cavern, with the root to be pulled being on the west side. Pulling it opens a shortcut for the Flarlic in the north to be collected.
  • Blossoming Arcadia
    • Located west of the Rugged Terrace, with the root to be pulled on the far side. Pulling it opens a shortcut between the Rugged Terrace and Meandering Slope bases.
    • Secluded Courtyard sublevel 1: A potted plant separates the west area from the north area, with the root on the west side. Pulling it is the only way to access the north area and reach the next sublevel.
    • Secluded Courtyard sublevel 4: A potted plant is right next to the sublevel's starting position. It must be pulled before the Foolix may be challenged.


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