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Burrow of Beginnings

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Burrow of Beginnings
Location Rescue Command Post
Sublevels 1
Rescues 1
Treasures 0
Onions 0
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The Burrow of Beginnings is the first cave in Pikmin 4, and the only one in the Rescue Command Post. It has a single sublevel with no wild Pikmin or treasures, and very few enemies and obstacles. It is first explored with Collin and is where Shepherd is rescued. It has an exit leading to the base near the S.S. Shepherd.

How to reach[edit]

During the beginning tutorial, after the player avatar finds Collin and Oatchi, you will be leaded to a high ledge you cannot progress over. Behind it is a cave entrance covered in dirt, which must be cleared away using Oatchi. From there, you can proceed into the cave.

Because the cave entrance and exit are both are high ledges, the cave only be re-entered once Oatchi has learned to jump. However, the Bulborb Larvae will not respawn and there is no real reason to go through the cave a second time.

Sublevel 1[edit]

Simply follow the path left until you reach Captain Shepherd hiding from some Bulborb Larvae on a pillar. Quickly take out the Larvae with either Oatchi or your fists. Talk to the captain, and destroy the Breakable pots with a rush to continue to the exit.


  • Unlike many others, this cave does not have any notes from Olimar or Louie. This likely implies neither of them explored the cave; indeed, Olimar's first visit to the Rescue Command Post is in the ending of his Shipwreck Tale, where his life support fails in the planet's atmosphere and he crash-lands once again before becoming a leafling.
  • Due to being the tutorial cave, and before obtaining Pikmin, this cave is the only cave in Pikmin 4 that does not contain any wild Pikmin.
  • The cave suggests Red Pikmin upon re-entry, despite no Pikmin being needed to clear it the first time.
  • This is the only normal cave which does not respawn enemies upon re-entering.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese はじまりの抜け道?
Hajimari no Nukemichi
Byway of Beginnings
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Qǐshǐ de Jiéjìng
Shortcut of Beginnings
Flag of China Chinese
Qǐshǐ de Jiéjìng
Shortcut of Beginning
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Grot bij de Shepherd Cave by Shepherd
Flag of France French Premier souterrain First tunnel
Flag of Germany German Höhle des Anfangs Cave of Beginnings
Flag of Italy Italian Caverna degli albori Cavern of beginnings
Flag of South Korea Korean 시작의 터널
Sijag-ui Teoneol
Tunnel of Beginnings
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Primeira toca First burrow
Flag of Spain Spanish Primera madriguera First burrow

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