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Breakable pot

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Since this subject has no official name, the name "Breakable pot" is conjectural.

"Pot" redirects here. For the pot-shaped bridge in Pikmin 3, see Bridge.

Breakable pots are a type of obstacle present in Pikmin 4. They are cream-colored ceramic jars with a handle, a lid on top, and a few cracks near the base, though some are instead upside-down brown flowerpots. Their main purpose is to block the way until Oatchi rushes against them, a bomb rock blows up near them, or if a Man-at-Legs shoots at them, which are the only methods of destroying them. When one is destroyed, generally the others next to it get destroyed automatically as well, though this can fail to happen if a cutscene plays in between.[1]

Some pots contain things inside of them, like the very first pots broken in the game's prologue, which contain Red Pikmin. Pots containing Pikmin will shake every once in a while.

There are also some mushrooms that expand when rushed into in a similar way to breakable pots, unofficially called potted mushrooms.


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  • The obstacles are not named in-game, but an unused file in the game's files calls them CRACKPOT internally, and "jug" as a defined name. They are however not jugs because they are missing a spout for liquid to be poured out of.

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