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A screenshot of the detector menu in Pikmin Bloom.
The detector menu, accessed via the map.
For the treasure detector in Pikmin 2, see Treasure Gauge and Prototype Detector.

The detector is a tool in Pikmin Bloom that finds fruits and seedlings. It is unlocked at level 4. Using it will reveal between 2 and 4 nearby items, which can then be collected on expeditions straight away. The number of items found is random, with either 1 or 2 seedlings spawning and either 1, 2, or 3 fruits spawning.

To use the detector, the player must open its menu by pressing its button on the map screen. The "Use" button will instantly reveal nearby items. The detector can be used once per day, and recharges at midnight. The player can also recharge the detector at any time by spending 100 coins. In addition to finding expeditions, the detector can show the player what types of Decor Pikmin can be found nearby. Up to 8 Decor Pikmin type icons will be shown, and when the detector is used, one of the seedlings found is guaranteed to be of one of the Decor types shown.

Detector mechanics[edit]

An diagram detailing specific of Detector function.
Detector radii.

When opening the detector menu, a "?" will briefly display before possible decors are displayed. This list of potential outcomes is then locked until the player moves 25 meters from the location the detector last scanned at. If a player chooses to cover this refresh distance with the detector menu open, a new scan will occur as soon as the distance is traversed, instead of scanning when the player opens the menu. The range of the detector is 100 meters. This radius includes decors from map cells whose center-point falls within the detection radius. Whether a decor is included in the list is determined by cell proximity to the player. Generally, the maximum decors a scan will display at once is 6, although 7 may appear under special conditions.

A diagram detailing detector mechanics.
A sample diagram, displaying a decor map cell overlay upon a fictitious location featuring a river, a pharmacy, a patisserie and a small curio shop.

Cells that are unoccupied or contain locations not associated with current decors produce Roadside seedlings. A detector will only yield Roadside seedlings if there are no cells containing other decor types within range. Note that within the diagram image to the right, the Waterside cell does not register, as the cell's center-point is not within the detection radius.

A diagram detailing the mechanics of the detector.
The same diagram, but with the player closer to the river.

The first two expeditions a detector yields are guaranteed: a seedling and a fruit, with any additional expeditions being random. The amount of cells within range can influence the likelihood of detecting a seedling of matching decor. The sample diagram shows 5 Waterside cells within range of a player. In this instance, any triggered expeditions beyond the initial 2 will be more likely to yield additional Waterside Pikmin than if less Waterside cells were present.

A diagram depicting the mechanics of the detector.
The same diagram, but with the player closer to several points of interest.

Some cells may contain multiple decors, which can occur a few different ways. Individual locations can be associated with more than one decor, and a cell can also house several locations each connected with different decors. Cells can even host both scenarios. However, when this occurs, it is impossible to separate the decors by moving the detector radius, as all decors within the same cell are subject to the same center-point. The sample diagram's bakery and sweetshop cell represent this mechanic at work.


The following changes have been made to the detector over time:

Update or date Changes
November 30th, 2021
  • Before this date, if no specific Decor type locations were within range, a Mini-mart Decor Pikmin icon in Pikmin Bloom. Mini-mart icon would be shown. Since this date, the Roadside Decor Pikmin icon in Pikmin Bloom. Roadside icon shows if no other Decor types are within range.
  • Changed the way the detector detects different location types for the purposes of Decor Pikmin types.
  • Detector recharges can now be bought in the shop.
  • Detector bundles can now be bought in the shop.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Brazil Portuguese (NoA) Radar Radar

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