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The detector menu, accessed via the map.

The detector is a tool in Pikmin Bloom that finds expeditions. Using it will reveal between 2 and 5 nearby items, which can then be collected on expeditions straight away. The number of items found is random.

To use the detector, the player must open its menu by pressing its button on the map screen. The "Use" button will instantly reveal nearby items. The detector can be used once per day, and recharges at midnight. The player can also recharge the detector at any time by spending 100 coins. In addition to finding expeditions, the detector can show the player what types of Decor Pikmin can be found nearby. Up to 9 Decor Pikmin icons will be shown.

The detector is unlocked at level 7.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Brazil Portuguese (NoA) Radar Radar

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