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Flower planting

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Flower planting is a game mechanic in Pikmin Bloom. When it is turned on, small flowers will be planted in a trail behind the player, and will appear on the map screen as the player walks around the real world. Planting flowers consumes petals of the type that is being planted. Planted flowers are visible to everyone on the map (unless that feature is turned off).

Planted flowers are used to bloom Big Flowers. While within a Big Flower's radius, players can plant flowers in the circle to encourage growth and allow the Big Flower to bloom.

Having Flower Planting on also grows seedlings faster. If a player is planting flowers, seedlings will reach maturity faster with an automatic step-count bonus. Initially it starts with a 10% bonus and eventually reaches a maximum of 30% as the player's flowers are continually planted.



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These flowers are produced by the following petals.

Color Flowers Petals
White White flowers from Pikmin Bloom. White petals from Pikmin Bloom.
Red Red flowers from Pikmin Bloom. Red petals from Pikmin Bloom.
Blue Blue flowers from Pikmin Bloom. Blue petals from Pikmin Bloom.
Yellow Yellow flowers from Pikmin Bloom. Yellow petals from Pikmin Bloom.