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Petals are items used for flower planting in Pikmin Bloom. To get petals, the player must feed nectar to Pikmin in the garden, which will make a flower bloom on their head. Petals from that flower can then be picked and added to the player's inventory. There are multiple types of petals, each with a different appearance on the in-game map.


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There are several groups of petals based around types of flowers, all with white, yellow, red, and blue colors, the order of which pertains to the relative rarity of their nectars, with white being commonplace, and blue being very rare.

Regular petals are obtained through normal white nectar, in turn obtained through normal fruits. All nectars instantaneously bloom a flower when fed to Pikmin, with the exception of white nectar, which will instead first grow a bud then after a second nectar will become a flower.

The next petal type, pansies, are obtained through pansy nectar, in turn obtained from shiny fruits given by pansy flowers and from challenges. Unlike regular nectar, all pansy nectars will instantaneously bloom a flower, even white ones, and provide both pansy and regular petals when collected.

After pansies come roses, which follow the same rules as pansies, their nectar will immediately provide a flower to be collected.

The final petal type is the tulip, which is purchased directly from the shop and cannot be obtained in-game through Big Flowers.

Gameplay effects[edit]

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Petals can be used to plant flowers. Each petal is worth about 33 flowers, with the normal max of 200 allowing 6,700 flowers to be planted. The amount of petal storage can be upgraded in the shop with in-app purchases.



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Petal color Image
White White petals from Pikmin Bloom.
Red Red petals from Pikmin Bloom.
Blue Blue petals from Pikmin Bloom.
Yellow Yellow petals from Pikmin Bloom.

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