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Weekly challenge

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For the feature called "Challenges" before version 44.0, see Mushroom challenge.
The weekly challenge progress screen.

Weekly challenges are a feature of Pikmin Bloom, introduced in version 44.0. Each week, a certain challenge (such as walking some number of steps) is set for all players, and players can work together with up to 4 friends to complete the challenge as a group. Completing a challenge before the deadline gives rewards to each player in the group.


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To begin a weekly challenge a player needs to open the activity list menu and select a challenge. A menu displaying groups participating in the selected challenge will be presented. These groups are comprised of the player's friends, as well as their friends. If there are no such acquaintances participating in challenges prior to the player opening this menu, or if all groups are filled, the player will be presented with the option to begin a new group.

While a challenge is active its display in the activity list changes to display the challenge's progress and its participants. Tapping on the challenge will bring the player to a screen displaying all participants jogging together, each alongside a few of the Pikmin in their active squad. This screen features various elements, such as the step total and step goal, how many days remain to achieve it, the date the group began the challenge, a breakdown of each player's contribution towards the goal, alongside their profile images and names, as well as a random quote.

Upon completing a challenge, whether by reaching either the goal or the expiration date, the player is brought to a screen displaying the group and their progress. A star-rating from 1-3 is awarded based on how much of the goal was achieved. Each player's Mii will then take turns jogging to the fore, as their contributions are displayed and celebrated by the the other Miis and Pikmin in the group.

Types of challenges[edit]

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There are currently 2 kinds of weekly challenges, and more will be added in the future. Challenges of different types can be done at the same time, but challenges of the same type cannot be done at the same time.

Step challenges[edit]

Icon for step-based weekly challenges. These challenge players to walk some number of steps in the week.

Flower planting challenges[edit]

Icon for flower-based weekly challenges. These challenge players to plant some number of flowers in the week. When one player in the team plants 1000 flowers, other players in the team get a small number of petals as a reward. In the screen where participants are shown walking, decorative flowers of different types appear on the ground.


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Since their introduction on April 28th, 2022, there has been at least 1 weekly challenge each week, with all challenges running from Monday to Sunday (except the first). Initially, there was just one challenge each week, a step challenge. On May 16th, a second step challenge option was added, where players could choose whether to do the easy option (most often 20,000 steps) or the hard option (most often 100,000 steps). Completing an easy step challenges usually gives 20 white nectar, 20 yellow nectar, 20 red nectar, and 10 blue nectar. Completing a hard step challenge usually gives 40 white nectar, 40 yellow nectar, 40 red nectar, 20 blue nectar, and 1 special nectar.

On July 11th, 2022, flower planting challenges were introduced. These usually give white petals, yellow petals, red petals, a single-use slot, and some other kind of petal when completed, though this has varied over time. Initially there were 2 levels of flower planting challenges, similar to step challenges, but since September 26th there has only been 1 flower planting challenge each week.

Events often add temporary extra rewards for completing weekly challenges, such as a Golden Seedling or a Mii costume. These rewards are usually obtained no matter the score the player gets on the weekly challenge.


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