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Events are special periods in Pikmin Bloom where in-game rewards are prominent and unique things can happen. They are announced some time before they happen.

Events are announced in the news section of the main menu, via emails to those who have signed up to receive them, and are posted on the Pikmin Bloom website.


The following is a list of events by year.


Community Day[edit]

Promotional image for the event.

Community Day was the first public event for Pikmin Bloom. It was announced November 4th, 2021,[1] just 9 days after the game's global release. It occurred on the 13th of November and was set to run from 9:00am to 6:00pm local time, however, due to network issues making players unable to access the game, it was extended to run to 8:00pm.[2] During this period, there was a number of rewards and boosts that players could get:

  • Seedlings in the Planter Pack grew at 1.5 times the normal speed.
  • Fruits gave twice the nectar.
  • Big Flowers bloomed into pansies, and flower planting with pansies made them bloom into roses.
    • This effect started the day before and continued throughout the weekend.
  • Users who walked 10,000 steps or more earned a special Community Day Participant badge.
    • To receive this badge, players must log in to the game at least once in the 2 weeks after the event.[3]

If Pikmin Bloom is similar to other games that Niantic has produced, there will be several Community Days.

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