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A Mii is a user-created avatar used in many Nintendo games since their introduction on the Wii system. They are generated through facial assets picked and arranged by the player, with some later systems allowing them to be generated through a photograph. These Miis are often used as the player's character in whichever game they are picked for, and are encouraged to be caricatures of the players themselves. There are some games that largely focus on Miis and allow them to express themselves without player input, most notably Tomodachi Life, Miitopia, and the Wii-branded games.

In Pikmin Bloom[edit]

Miis make their series debut in Pikmin Bloom. The player can create these Miis in the app or link a Mii from their MyNintendo accounts, and then dress them in a selection of outfits.

They play a similar role to leaders in the main series of games. As they walk around, they are followed by the squad of Pikmin, and the Mii also controls the whistle, sends Pikmin on expeditions, and controls flower planting. When observing the Pikmin squad in the garden screen, the camera changes to the Mii's perspective.

Like most games Miis are featured in, they simply serve as the player's avatar and do not act on their own or speak. Because of this, it's implied these are actually the player's actions expressed through the Mii and not the Mii themselves.

In Pikmin Adventure[edit]

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