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Seedlings are items in Pikmin Bloom that grow into Pikmin. They are mainly found on expeditions, but some are gifted to the player by the game for leveling up, and rarely, Pikmin pick them up as the player walks around, similarly to how Pikmin pick up small fruits. Once found, they can be put into a slot in the Planter Pack, where they will start growing. After walking a certain number of steps with the seedling in a slot, it can be plucked, which will add one new Pikmin into the player's collection. A player can store up to 30 seedlings, though this limit can be raised through in-app purchases. It is possible to get rid of seedlings without growing them by pressing the "Recycle" button while viewing a seedling's information page.


There are different types of seedlings, corresponding to the different types of Pikmin, with different numbers of steps required to grow them into a Pikmin.

Image Type Pikmin produced Steps required Weight on expeditions Level unlocked
Icon of the red seedling in Pikmin Bloom. Red Seedling Red Pikmin 1000 1 1
Icon of the yellow seedling in Pikmin Bloom. Yellow Seedling Yellow Pikmin 1000 1 4
Icon of the blue seedling in Pikmin Bloom. Blue Seedling Blue Pikmin 1000 1 7
Icon of the purple seedling in Pikmin Bloom. Purple Seedling Purple Pikmin 3000 3 13
Icon of the white seedling in Pikmin Bloom. White Seedling White Pikmin 3000 3 16
Icon of the pink seedling in Pikmin Bloom. Pink Seedling Winged Pikmin 5000 5 19
Icon of the gray seedling in Pikmin Bloom. Gray Seedling Rock Pikmin 5000 5 23
Icon of the huge seedling in Pikmin Bloom. Huge Seedling Decor Pikmin of a random type 10000 Depends on type 10

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ?
Flag of China Chinese
Flag of France French pousse Sprout
Flag of Germany German Pikmin-Keim Pikmin Seed
Flag of Italy Italian piantina Seedling
Flag of South Korea Korean 모종
Flag of Spain Spanish plántula Seedling
Flag of Brazil Portuguese (NoA) Plântula Seedling


  • Except for the Huge Seedling, the coloration of Seedling pots and the markings on them correspond respectively to the skin color and eye color of the Pikmin they yield.
  • The markings on the Seedling pots look vaguely similar to those of the Onions in Pikmin and Pikmin 2, especially the Huge Seedling's pot.

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