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Special Spot

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A Special Spot.

Special Spots are points of interest in Pikmin Bloom that are marked with a special rainbow bud flower. These points of interest are placed at specific locations as part of brand sponsorships. Special Spots were fully added to the game on September 29th, 2022.


Special Spots appear at defined locations on the map. They have a small circle on the ground surrounding them. If the player is inside the radius, the flower will glow and it will be possible to receive rewards from it; otherwise the flower will not glow.

Tapping on a Special Spot will open an information screen about it, with a brand logo appearing on the flower's bulb. Swiping down on the flower when it is glowing will make it drop a Golden Seedling. The type of Decor Pikmin this seedling grows into depends on the Special Spot, as does the frequency at which players can get the seedlings, and the maximum amount of seedlings a Special Spot can give.[1]


The first Special Spots to be introduced were at Nintendo's flagship stores in Tokyo and New York City. The seedlings provided by these Special Spots grow into Blue Pikmin with Mario Hat decor. Only 1 seedling can be obtained in a day this way.

During the 1st Anniversary Snack Decor Pikmin event in November 2022, Special Spots appeared at Lawson convenience stores in Japan. These gave Huge Seedlings that grow into First Anniversary Snack Decor Pikmin. A player could get 1 seedling per day per store.[2]


The following changes have been made to Special Spots over time:

Update or date Changes
56.0 Changed the appearance of Special Spots, from a small always-bloomed flower with the brand logo in the center to a flower with a rainbow bud hanging down.

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