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Pollution Pool

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Pollution Pool
Sector 4 – Area C
The glass bridge fully built on the left side in the Pollution Pool.
Treasures 3
Pikmin available Red Pikmin, Yellow Pikmin, Blue Pikmin
Requirements Complete Steel Pipe Forest
Next area Space of Silence (normal exit)
Drenchnozzle Den (secret exit)
Music Ravaged Rustworks area
Ravaged Rustworks area - back side

Pollution Pool (ガラクタの みずべ?, lit.: "Garbage waterfront") is the third main area in the Ravaged Rustworks. This area has a few ponds where Captain Olimar can to swim through, but his Red Pikmin and Yellow Pikmin cannot, so they need to stay behind resting on Seeding Dandelions in platforms, until Olimar calls them to the other side, or he builds a bridge with Blue Pikmin to allow passage. This area also contains the game's only Elongated Crushblat. If the player goes back to one of the first ponds and uses Blue Pikmin to clear the way, they can access a pathway that leads to the secret exit, which in turn unlocks the Drenchnozzle Den. The normal path unlocks the Space of Silence.

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This area alternates a lot between land and underwater locations. The level also relies on Seeding Dandelions, which are important in order to progress in the area, since they can allow non-aquatic Pikmin to wait for Olimar to return, when he's in the underwater portions of the area. Some time after the beginning of the level, the player has to throw their Pikmin on a big wooden stake in order to get some Yellow Pikmin, that are necessary to destroy the electric gate located nearby. After some walking in the area, the player can climb up a vine, and get access to a doorway. On the other side, Olimar can retrieve the Life-Form Prototype. After some time, the player will be forced to leave their Pikmin on Seeding Dandelions, in order to go in the water and get some Blue Pikmin, that are necessary to build a bridge, and get the Almighty Ruiner, as well as the Bond Impressor. After that, the player can go to the normal exit, but there is also a secret exit in this area. For that, Olimar has to turn back in the area and go to the door next to one of the first ponds of the level. With their Blue Pikmin only, the player has to dive into the water, and go through some doorways, allowing the protagonist to get his non-aquatic Pikmin back. Then, the player can reach the secret exit.


Cutscene Screenshot Trigger Description
Seeding Dandelions The Seeding Dandelion cutscene in the Pollution Pool. The player goes past the first tube and advances a bit forward. Two Red Pikmin pop out from behind a stick. They run toward Olimar, but on the way, go past a bed of Seeding Dandelions. Once they do, they stop in place, and slowly turn their heads back. The camera focuses on the Dandelions, and how inviting they look, and then focuses on the Pikmin and their longing expression. They then jump onto the plants and start bouncing on them.
Leaf mask The leaf mask cutscene in the Pollution Pool. After getting the first group of Yellow Pikmin, the player advances forward a bit. A Red Pikmin speeds ahead of the group and grabs a small dried leaf off the ground. This leaf has a hole in it, and when the Pikmin puts the leaf to its face, only its eyes peek through the hole. Olimar and three other Red Pikmin catch up just as the Pikmin with the leaf turns to them. Two of the other three Pikmin are scared by seeing a leaf with eyes, run behind Olimar, and all three begin pushing Olimar to make him face this unknown creature. The Pikmin with the leaf realizes what's going on, jumps up and chases after the others to scare them. They run off-screen as Olimar watches, until eventually a speech bubble with a sweat drop icon shows up pointing to him.
Sparklium Seed pipe The pipe cutscene in the Pollution Pool. After the second pond where the Red Pikmin and Yellow Pikmin need to stay at the Seeding Dandelions, the player advances a bit forward. Four Red Pikmin are on top of a pipe, and close to a valve. They notice it, grab on to different points, and start walking counter-clockwise to rotate it. After a bit, the pipe opening under them releases four Sparklium Seeds. When they realize this, they start cheering, jump off the pipe, go collect one seed each, and start moving in Olimar's direction.

Pikmin locations[edit]

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Spot Location Pikmin Requirements Notes





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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ガラクタの みずべ?
Garakuta no mizube
Garbage waterfront
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch De vuilvijver The dirty pond
Flag of France French Étang dégoûtant Disgusting pond
Flag of Germany German Der Müllsee The Waste Lake
Flag of Italy Italian Pozza contaminata Polluted puddle
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) Laguna contaminada Contaminated waters
Flag of Spain Spanish (NoE) Aguas Herrumbrosas Rusty Waters