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Rusty Gulch

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Stage preview.

The Rusty Gulch is a map in the 2-Player Battle mode of Pikmin 2. It is constructed out of rusty metal pathways held by large pillars. Certain spots have odd colored "sand", and the entire stage is floating over a bottomless void in which Pikmin die when thrown, and may be home to a Gatling Groink. One of the layouts that the stage can have bears great resemblance to that of Subterranean Complex, sublevel 5 and Dream Den, sublevel 4, featuring multiple ramps with a high area at the center.

Level information[edit]

Technical sublevel information
Internal cave name vs_6_hiyahiya
"Main" object maximum (?) 35
"Treasure" object maximum (?) 0
"Gate" object maximum (?) 0
Dead end unit probability (?) 50
Number of rooms (?) 4
Corridor-to-room ratio (?) 0.1
Escape geyser (?) No
Clogged hole (?) No
Cave units file (?) vs_6_nobo_metal.txt
Lighting file (?) vs_6_light.ini
Background (?) build (P2 VRBOX build.png steel)
Cave units (?)
Pattern 1
Zigzagging corridors (×1) Circular room with 1 exit (×2) Dead end with item (×2)
Pattern 2
X-shaped room (×1) Room with raised corner (×2) Dead end (×4) Corridor (×14) Long corridor (×4) Turning corridor (×11)
Three-way crossing (×7) Dead end with item (×2)
Pattern 3
Circular room with raised corner (×2) Circular room with 4 exits (×2) Long corridor (×3) Dead end (×4) Turning corridor (×10) Corridor (×8)

Gatling Groink strategies[edit]

One very interesting strategy involving the Gatling Groinks in this area is to actually have a Gatling Groink guard your base and marble from opponents. First, find a Gatling Groink, preferably close to your base. "Kill" it, then have your Pikmin start bringing it back to your Onion. Right before they bring it to the Onion, call them back. After a bit, the Groink will fully regenerate in your base. This is a good strategy if you don't play by getting yellow marbles, but remember the Groink will attack anyone's Pikmin, so be careful when carrying items back to your base.

If you do play by getting yellow marbles, another way is to intercept the opponent whilst carrying a Gatling Groink near their base, and make sure the Groink revives. This means that you can gather yellow marbles faster while the opponent fumbles around with the Gatling Groink. This strategy is more effective for getting yellow marbles and making your opponent slow down.