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Female Sheargrub Piklopedia icon.
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Appears in PikminPikmin 2Pikmin 3
Scientific name Himeagea mandibulosa
Family Mandiblard
Areas The Forest of Hope, Awakening Wood, Tropical Wilds, Twilight River, Formidable Oak
Caves Hole of Beasts, White Flower Garden, Bulblax Kingdom, Glutton's Kitchen, Hole of Heroes
Challenge Mode levels The Final Trial, Twilight Garden, Cave of Snarls, Rumbling Grotto
Collect treasure! levels Twilight Hollow Remix
Battle enemies! levels Twilight Hollow
2-Player Battle levels Battle Field, War Path, Carpet Plain, Angle Maze, Rusty Gulch, Brawl Yard, Dim Labyrinth
Bingo Battle levels None
Attacks None

Female Sheargrubs (ウジンコ♀?, lit.: "Parrot Maggot ♀") are enemies found in the Pikmin games. Unlike the members of the opposing gender, they are scavengers and do not attack leaders or Pikmin, although they still chase them. Their behavior, along with their light pink color and relatively small jaws, is the most distinctive difference between males and females of the species. As with Male Sheargrubs, however, they eat bridges that were built on a previous day. In all games, they provide only one seed, and thus are usually not worth bringing back to the Onion.

In Pikmin 3, Female Sheargrubs regenerate health when they are underground, just like Male Sheargrubs. They can fully heal themselves in 30 seconds. When their health is at 20% or lower, they will return to their nest to bury and recover, and when they regenerate to 50%, they emerge and continue their chase, if there are leaders or Pikmin nearby. The health wheel will always be visible above the ground when they are recovering health.


Game Weight Max.
Seeds Value Health Regen.
Pikmin 1 2 2 N/A 50 Unknown
Pikmin 2 1 1 2 Poko icon.png × 1 50 No
Pikmin 3 (?) 1 1 2 Poko icon.png × 5
Points × 5
45 No


Reel notes

Males of this species are purple and have an armored head.

Olimar's notes

The males of this species are purple and black creatures with tapered mouths, while the females are lighter in color and lack an armored exoskeleton. As with most mandiblards, these creatures have regressed to the point where they have lost both legs and wings. They can be seen crawling around on the ground and are believed to feed on the vegetable extracts from the congealed fluids of expired Pikmin.

Louie's notes

For an unforgettable quiche, slice this creature up and mix with four eggs, two vine-ripened tomatoes, diced zucchini, and generous handfuls of feta and swiss. Bake until crusty and golden. This beast is most flavorful if caught and cooked just after laying its eggs.

Olimar's voyage log

Today I've learned something new about these creatures' behavioral patterns. They are very vexing bugs-they chew apart the bridges that the Pikmin build! All the effort the Pikmin went to... I must watch for these pests.

Nintendo Player's Guide[edit]

Pale pink Sheargrubs pop out of the ground and distract your Pikmin, but they don't cause your troops any harm. They do, however, like to roll up constructed bridges. If you have the time, you can swarm and defeat the creatures with little effort and take them back to the Onions for two sprouts a pop.

Pikmin 3 Prima Guide[edit]

Like Male Sheargrubs, Female Sheargrubs spend most of their time under-ground. Unlike their male counterparts, however, Female Sheargrubs aren't equipped with pincers. When you uncover a group of Female Sheargrubs, throw one Pikmin onto each enemy.


Female Sheargrubs are harmless pests and can be defeated with ease by either the Pikmin or a leader's punches; there is no threat at all. A single Pikmin on their backs should take them out instantly. Leading them into water will also deplete their health in Pikmin and Pikmin 2 (this does not work in Pikmin 3).

Technical information[edit]

Other information[edit]

  • Prima guide technical name: Mandiblard
  • Size: Body length: 20mm, as per the e-card
  • Piklopedia number: #23


The Female Sheargrub is the female counterpart to the Male Sheargrub, which naturally explains the "Female" part of the name. The Japanese name is ウジンコ♀?, which contains the Venus symbol to point out that it is a female. In the creature's scientific name, Himeagea mandibulosa, the word mandibulosa is Latin for "mandible".

The internal name in Pikmin is kabekuiA. The A in the name is the disambiguation identifier for each mandiblard; the Female Sheargrub has an A, the Male has a B, and the Shearwig has a C. The internal name in Pikmin 2 is simply ujia, with uji being part of the Japanese name, and the a being once again the identifier. Finally, Pikmin 3 follows the same scheme as the previous game, but with the name starting with ujinko_, making its internal name ujinko_a.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウジンコ♀?
Ujinko ♀
Parrot Maggot ♀
Spanish (NoA) Comején hembra Female termite
French Boufpon Femelle Portmanteau of bouffe (eat, grub) and pont (bridge); Female bridge-eater
German Weiblicher Termitentos


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