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Carpet Plain

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Stage preview.

The Carpet Plain is the third 2-Player Battle map in Pikmin 2. It has the indoor style that the Glutton's Kitchen displays. The floor, as its name suggests, is covered in a fluffy gray carpet, occasionally with plates or toy blocks on it. The borders of the level are made out of baseboards, bricks, trees and bump-like "bridges" that one can walk on. All of these objects are wooden, and most of them are painted in a variety of colors.

In addition to the hazard presented by numerous enemies, boulders may fall from the ceiling in certain areas.

Level information[edit]

Technical sublevel information
Internal cave name vs_3_hirobiro
"Main" object maximum (?) 60
"Treasure" object maximum (?) 0
"Gate" object maximum (?) 0
Dead end unit probability (?) 100
Number of rooms (?) 4
Corridor-to-room ratio (?) 0.15
Escape geyser (?) No
Clogged hole (?) No
Cave units file (?) vs_3_toy.txt
Lighting file (?) normal_light_cha.ini
Background (?) tatami (P2 VRBOX tatami.png carpet)
Cave units (?)
Pattern 1
Large three-way crossing (×2) Room with 3 half-discs (×2) Dead end with item (×10) Dead end (×4)
Pattern 2
Room with dirty plate (×2) Room with 3 half-discs (×2) Dead end with item (×12) Dead end (×4) Turning corridor (×2) Long corridor (×4)

Puffy Blowhogs[edit]

The Puffy Blowhogs that float around the area may annoy, but they cannot kill Pikmin directly. They yield no reward when defeated, and will sometimes hover over the plate in the middle out of range of attack, so it is best to ignore them and hope that the enemy player will waste time fighting them instead. The Blowhogs may sometimes push Pikmin where a leader's whistle cannot reach them, such that only an enemy Pikmin thrown nearby will bring them within range, especially when slowly carrying objects over the border of the area. Similarly, Puffy Blowhogs may throw Pikmin near Dwarf Red/Orange Bulborbs, putting them at risk of being eaten.



  • The preview image for this stage shows a lone red marble on a corner of the stage. That corner cannot be Captain Olimar's base, and it's unlikely that Blue Pikmin would have passed by the corner while carrying the marble. This indicates that in earlier versions of the game, red marbles might have had a different role.

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