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The Springpetal cutscene in Springpetal Cave.
Appears in Hey! Pikmin
Scientific name Unknown
Family Unknown
Areas Springpetal Cave

Springpetals (ねじまく はな?, lit.: "Coiling flower") are objects in Hey! Pikmin. Like their name indicates, they look like a common spring, in that their stalks are coiled up, and the petals look like a spring pad. Their purpose is to throw Captain Olimar and Pikmin to higher ground, with the exact height depending on how much pressure is put on it. Their name comes from the area in which they are introduced, Springpetal Cave.

When Olimar or a Pikmin stands on top of one's petals, it goes down with the weight. After a while of being under the pressure, the petals spring back up and throw whoever was on top directly upwards. The more weight that is being put on it, the more it springs back, which also results in the passengers being thrown farther up. Dots appear above the flower to represent how much weight is being put into it. Every time a new passenger is placed on top of it, the time left until it springs back is reset, which means that the player can add more weight at their own pace, so long as they don't wait too long. The trick in using these plants is knowing just how much weight to put onto them such that the passengers get sprung up to the desired height.


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  • Sparkling Labyrinth:
    • Springpetal Cave: These are the main objects of the level, as the area's name would imply. Some are used multiple times as the player gains more Pikmin, since they let the group spring higher each time the player returns.
  • Secret Spots:
    • Secret Spot 12: This is the main gimmick of this Secret Spot. Throwing too many Pikmin at this flower will make them overshoot the pellet's platform and land on a platform higher up. Four Pikmin at a time is the ideal amount.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ねじまく はな?
Neji maku Hana
Coiling flower
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Stuiterblom Bounce flower
Flag of France French Marguerites Daisies
Flag of Germany German Sprungfeder-Blume Spring Feather Flower
Flag of Italy Italian Balzafiore Jumpflower

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