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Sticky mold

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A patch of sticky mold as seen in Primordial Thicket.
A patch of sticky mold in Primordial Thicket.

Sticky mold is an obstacle in Pikmin 4. It is a circular patch of yellowish mold on the ground that greatly hinders movement. While on sticky mold, leaders, Oatchi, and most Pikmin will be drastically slowed down and cannot carry objects. Only Winged Pikmin are unaffected, as they fly over the mold instead of touching it. Glow Pikmin are able to move at full speed but remain unable to carry things through the mold. The Gunk Busters can render leaders and Oatchi immune to the slowdown effect, but not the carry-blocking effect. Enemies will walk over sticky mold unhindered, but in night expeditions, they will not cross them to reach the Lumiknoll.

Sticky mold is maintained by mushrooms, which may or may not be poisonous. Destroying all mushrooms attached to a piece of mold will make the mold disappear. The Toxstool is able to use its spores to regenerate patches of sticky mold with poison mushrooms.

Some patches of sticky mold conceal and block treasures or other features, such as Candypop Buds or the exit of a cave floor. Destroying the mold will free whatever is underneath.



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Names in other languages[edit]

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Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ネバリカビ?
Nebari kabi
Sticky mold
Flag of France French Mycélium gluant Sticky mycelium
Flag of Italy Italian Muffa appiccicosa Sticky mold

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