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Fireflinger Groink

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Fireflinger Groink In-game icon.
A Fireflinger Groink.
Appears in Hey! Pikmin
Scientific name Magmaceps infernalis
Family Unknown
Areas The Burning Sky, Burning Bog
Attacks Hurl fireballs at Pikmin

The Fireflinger Groink (ヤキダマコキン?, lit.: "Sizzling Bullet Child Goldfish") is an enemy found in Hey! Pikmin. It's a fish-like organism with some robotic parts, and is about three times as large as Olimar. It looks very similar to the Gatling Groink, although it is red with yellow stripes and has less robotic elements, and has glass on its front robotic legs. It repeatedly spits large fireballs from the background by extending a mouth-like turret, and when a fireball hits, it can kill Pikmin and damage Olimar. It is fairly rare, only appearing in two areas.


The Fireflinger Groink sits in a stationary position in the background of the level, and cannot be interacted with. Once it spots Pikmin, it will fire large fireballs at the foreground, raining down these projectiles onto the level. They will continue to attack relentlessly until the player goes far enough away from their firing spot.



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The Fireflinger Groink sits in the background of the levels it is encountered in, and as such, cannot be attacked. The player can anticipate the spots where their fireballs will land by the preceding beam of light. The best thing to do is to walk forward right after the fireball drops, since it will take a little bit for the next one to reach.


Hey! Pikmin logs

This creature has undergone extreme evolution to the point that it's now half-mechanical. It shows no mercy to any target in sight. Can we really call this a creature, or is it more of a weapon? It pains me to see that this is the direction evolution is heading. I'd always hoped to become gentler, not more vicious.


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  • Common name: Fireflinger Groink. Fireflinger is a simple reference to what it does: flinging fireballs. The term Groink seems entirely made up; it is possible to extract the onomatopoeia for pig grunts, "oink", thus contracting "grunt" and "oink" to "Groink".
  • Japanese nickname: ヤキダマコキン?, lit.: "Sizzling Bullet Child Goldfish".
  • Japanese name: ヨウガンコキン?, lit.: "Lava Child Goldfish".
  • Scientific name: Magmaceps infernalis. It references both "magma" and "infernal". These words are both often associated with fire.
  • Internal names: Unknown.
  • Prerelease: None.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ヤキダマコキン?
Yaki Dama Ko Kin
Sizzling Bullet Child Goldfish
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Vlammengronker
Flag of France French Bioméca lance-feu Bioméca is a portmanteau of bio and méca (mecha), while lance-feu translates to "flamethrower"
Flag of Germany German Flammengrunzer Flame-Grunter
Flag of Italy Italian Mechagroink Mecha Groink
Flag of South Korea Korean 불꽃총알금붕어
Flag of Spain Spanish Groink escupefeugo Firespit Groink


  • The Fireflinger Groink shares many similarities to the Gatling Groink, which is interesting since both creatures do not belong to any known family.
  • In the Hey! Pikmin logs screen, the size reference is incorrect. The creature is shown to be the size that it is drawn on-screen in-game, but because in-game it is far away, its real size should be much larger.

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