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Challenge Mode (Pikmin)

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Plucking some Pikmin in The Impact Site in Challenge Mode.
Olimar plucking some Pikmin in Challenge Mode.
For the challenge mode in the second game, see Challenge Mode (Pikmin 2).
Not to be confused with the Challenge Mode from Pikmin Adventure.

Challenge Mode is an alternative game mode in Pikmin that challenges the player to grow as many Pikmin as they can in a single day. The mode has 5 stages, with a stage set in each area, but the areas are modified from how they are in Story Mode, with pellets, enemies, and obstacles in different locations, and ship parts not appearing. In addition, the S.S. Dolphin is not present during play, meaning Olimar cannot replenish his spacesuit's health. In Challenge Mode, the areas are slightly darker than their Story Mode counterparts, and the tempo of each area's music is increased slightly.[1] When the time is up, the number of Pikmin that have been raised is displayed, and the top 5 scores for each stage are persistently recorded.

Challenge Mode is unlocked when all three types of Pikmin are discovered in the game's main Story Mode for the first time, and once unlocked, Challenge Mode will be available forever on the main menu, under Options. Stages are unlocked as they are encountered in Story Mode, again, for any saved game.


Maximum score[edit]

Because there are only so many enemies and pellets within a stage, there is a maximum number of Pikmin that can be grown in each of them. This number is very high and difficult to reach, but the maximum score has been achieved for all stages.

Time limits[edit]

In Challenge Mode, days have a different duration to what they do in Story Mode. Usually, all days last for the same amount of time, which is roughly 13:30 minutes, but in Challenge Mode, this day length is multiplied by a specific value. The following multiplier values were taken directly from the game's files.

Area Duration Multiplier
The Impact Site 10:48 0.8
The Forest of Hope 18:54 1.4
The Forest Navel 16:12 1.2
The Distant Spring 18:54 1.4
The Final Trial 13:30 1.0


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning Notes
Flag of Québec French (NoA) Mode défi Challenge mode
Flag of France French (NoE) Mode Challenge Challenge Mode
Flag of Germany German Challenge "Challenge"
Flag of Italy Italian Modalità sfida Challenge mode
Flag of Portugal Portuguese (NoE) Modo Challenge "Challenge" Mode Translation taken from the Pikmin instruction manual.
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) Modo Desafío
Modo de Desafío
Challenge Mode Used in Title screen
Used in Challenge Mode menu
Flag of Spain Spanish (NoE) Modo Desafío Challenge Mode

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  1. ^ Each song receives a 20% tempo increase in Challenge Mode, as concluded by this brief study