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Leafy Showdown

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Leafy Showdown

Overview of the fourth Dandori Battle.

Default Pikmin* Icon for the Rock Pikmin, from Pikmin 4's Piklopedia. Rock Pikmin
Opponent* Olimar
Dandori Level* A flame icon used to indicate the Dandori Level of Dandori Challenges, Dandori Battles, and the Danger Level of night expeditions. A flame icon used to indicate the Dandori Level of Dandori Challenges, Dandori Battles, and the Danger Level of night expeditions. A flame icon used to indicate the Dandori Level of Dandori Challenges, Dandori Battles, and the Danger Level of night expeditions. A flame icon used to indicate the Dandori Level of Dandori Challenges, Dandori Battles, and the Danger Level of night expeditions. A modified version of  to represent the empty ratings up to 5.
Time limit 7:00
Music Leafy Showdown (in Story Mode)
Dandori Battle 2 (sand) (in Dandori Battle mode)
*This can be changed in Dandori Battle mode.

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Leafy Showdown is the fourth Dandori Battle stage in Pikmin 4. It is a large irregularly-shaped arena with high ledges and a puddle of water in the center. In Story Mode, the opponent is the Olimar leafling, and it is the only Dandori Battle where Dingo can't be used to get help. In Dandori Battle mode is it unlocked by completing a match of Dandori Castle. It has a time limit of 7 minutes.

How to reach[edit]

First, the player must unlock the Hero's Hideaway by completing the three previous Dandori Battle caves: Trial Run, Battle in a Box, and Dandori Castle, and curing the three leaflings they save from each (the last of which is Bernard) by harvesting glow sap at night.

Once in the Hero's Hideaway, the cave's entrance can be found within a safe. To unlock it, you must find the three treasures that provide the safe's code: the Courage Emblem, the Power Emblem, and the Wisdom Emblem. The safe's code will be randomly generated on each playthrough.


The two bases in this symmetrical stage are in open sandy areas in the north and south of the stage. Between them in the center is a small lake where 2 treasures appear, guarded by a Hermit Crawmad in the middle. Northwest and southeast of the lake are small sandy plateaus where treasures spawn in the middle of the battle, either 4 Sunseed Berries or 1 Insect Condo. Between the lake and plateaus there are breakable pots that can be destroyed by Oatchi or Moss to provide a shortcut between the bases.

On the west and east sides of the stage there are open areas with nuggets, treasures, and pellets to collect, but enemies and water spouts make the area hazardous. These sections of the stage have open access from one base and are blocked from the other base by a crystal wall, which can be destroyed to allow quicker access to the objects there.

Starting objects[edit]

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Objects that spawn during the battle[edit]

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The Sneak Bomb will appear at 3:00 remaining.

The second Bonus Find will be selected at 4:00 remaining.


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Send 2 Pikmin to the nearest Crystal Wall when the match starts, and send the rest to the Pellet Posies near base. Once all Pikmin are out of the Onion, send 2 more Pikmin onto the crystal wall, and head westward. From here, one should take out the water spout with Oatchi, and then either head toward the nearest Gold Nugget pile or the Zest Bomb (depending on what the current Bonus Find is, the Joustmite could also be a target if it is a Bonus Find.) Send about 3 Pikmin onto the Gold Nugget pile if available.

Break the pots surrounding the lake sometime within the first minute, in order to open the routes leading to your opponent's base allowing you to steal items they may be attempting to collect.

Return Oatchi to base, and round up any Pikmin left there to take them toward the Crystal Wall. Destroy it fully, and then defeat the Orange Bulborb with a Rush, before sending more Pikmin onto the Gold Nugget Pile behind it, and collecting its corpse with Oatchi. From there, based on the opponent's actions, it would be beneficial to either defeat the Orange Bulborb closest to their base, or fight the Hermit Crawmad and collect one of the Sunseed Berries with Oatchi.

Do not collect the Golden Sniffer once it spawns. Instead, focus on the current Bonus Find, and make routes and plans in your mind to collect the most of them efficiently. Remember to consult your Radar Map to keep track of object locations. If a Sunseed Berry or Insect Condo is selected as a Bonus Find, check above the two square tower-like structures by the lake. Each will contain either an Insect Condo or cluster of four Sunseed Berries. If a Bonus Find is on its way to the opponent's Onion and you have a decent amount of Pikmin in your squad (about 10-ish), attempt to re-route it toward your Onion. This will knock the opponent's Pikmin down until they cancel other tasks they may be doing to save them, score you a Bonus Find, and prevent the opponent from collecting a Bonus Find.

The Sneak Bomb will appear by the lake in the center. Its exact location is unimportant, as you should likely move it with Oatchi regardless. Keep track of its position with the Radar Map and plan around it, making sure you have enough Pikmin to carry a noteworthy quantity of the Dandorium weights at the opponent's base. Switch to Oatchi immediately after it's deposited, else he may be knocked out by any stray Pikmin the opponent left at base. Confirm that there is a safe route for your Pikmin to take and that the Hermit Crawmad is dead before you attempt to collect Dandorium weights.


Corgwin's menu[edit]

Whoever gathers the most Gold Nuggets is the true Dandori master. But with Sneak Bombs, you won't know the true winner until the last second!

Dandori Battle menu[edit]

An exciting battle in wilderness oasis! Stock up on Gold Nuggets and watch your points pile in.


  • In the music track for Leafy Showdown in Story Mode, melodies from both the Plasm Wraith and The Final Trial themes play over the course of the song. The former can be heard in the background very subtly, while the latter's is very noticeable and plays as the main melody of the song. In Dandori Battle mode, this arena instead uses the same music as Dandori Castle and Hot Sandy Duel, even if Olimar is chosen as the opponent.
  • The entrance to Leafy Showdown is inside the same safe where Olimar finds the Pilot's Seat in his Shipwreck Tale.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese 決戦のオアシス?
Kessen no Oashisu
Decisive Battle Oasis
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Juézhàn de Lǜzhōu
Decisive Battle Oasis
Flag of China Chinese
Juézhàn de Lǜzhōu
Decisive Battle Oasis
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Bladrijke bonje Leafy quarrel
Flag of France French Face-à-face feuillu Leafy face-to-face
Flag of Germany German Blättrige Entscheidung Leafy Decision
Flag of Italy Italian Sfida frondosa Leafy challenge
Flag of South Korea Korean 결전의 오아시스
Gyeoljeon-ui Oasiseu
Decisive Battle Oasis
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Confronto folhano Leafy confrontation
Flag of Spain Spanish Duelo frondante Leafling duel

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