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Hello! I'm Burrhead2, and I love Pikmin. I also have a YouTube channel by the same name, so check that out if you have the time.

I don't have much more to say.

(P.S.: I may not do much, but I'm always lurking...)

Stuff I've done

A list of more major things I've done. Why is this here? I dunno.

Added Behavior and/or Strategy for roughly 1/5 of Hey! Pikmin enemies (as an anonymous user, but nobody cares). Those enemies being:

Added later

Found weights for the following:

Described how to collect a large amount Hey! Pikmin treasures. Those being:

Other stuff I've noted:

  • The "Pikmin fall through Secret Spot" glitch
  • The "If you pause the game while holding a Pikmin in Pikmin 2 they will stop making sounds" glitch
  • Pikmin 2's "attract mode" cutscenes have continuity
  • Status Effect Timers, Pikmin 2's cutscenes, and You
  • The Pikmin 2's 4 different end-of-day themes trivia as (previously) seen on the home page
  • The "Waterwraiths in the Bully Den don't follow Louie" trivia as (previously) seen on the home page.
  • The Pikmin 2 used to allow more than 100 Pikmin on the field that also used to be on the home page.

2023 Summer of Play at the Mall of America

The event

From the 15th of June through the 18th, Nintendo held a "Summer of Play" event at the Mall of America in Minnesota. It was open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. for three of the four days it was open, but 11 to 7 on the last day. It held demos for TLoZ: Tears of the Kingdom, Kirby's Return to Dreamland Deluxe, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (a giant TV displayed the gameplay for the rest of the crowd to watch), Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, NSMBU Deluxe, DKC: Tropical Freeze, Yoshi's Crafted World, and SSBU. There were also advertisements for SM3DW + Bowser's Fury, Splatoon 3, and AC: New Horizons. There was also a booth for Pikmin 4.

Pikmin 4 Booth

I had heard there was going to be a Pikmin 4 Demo at the event, so long story short, I was there. I was very interested in seeing what it had to offer, but I had a hard time finding a place to play the demo. The staff directed me - twice - to the booth for the demo, but nothing could be found. I eventually realized why - there was no console. You can't play a Pikmin 4 demo if you don't have anything to play it on! Or with for that matter, as there weren't controllers for this missing Switch either. I was only there on the 17th, so knowing my luck, there was either A) never a demo there or B) it was only there on the first day.

The booth itself was consistently the emptiest one. After all, there was nothing to do there except get your picture taken by the staff as part of the event (if you filled out your card by getting your picture taken 3 times, playing two demos, and finding the "Super Star hat" (I never found it, but I wasn't interested in filling out my card anyway) you won a chance at the claw machine). It had a TV that cycled between playing the two trailers and the three Pikmin Short Movies. The fact that the Pikmin 4 booth was always the emptiest was slightly funny in a cruel joke or ironic sort of way, and a little impressive given that DKC: Tropical Freeze and Yoshi's Crafted World were there as well. By the way, why is Nintendo still advertising these games? They're so old!

I could have sworn I saw stuff say there was going to be a demo, but as it turns out, there actually never was. I need to make this the last time I ever consider Nintendo fans a trustworthy news source. These are the same people who would die on the hill that Super Mario Galaxy 3 would be a launch title for the Nintendo Switch Pro just because Miyamoto confirmed he woke up this morning in an interview.

Fiery Dwarf Bulblax

The name "Fiery Dwarf Bulblax" has always slightly bugged me. It implies that the creature is a "Dwarf Bulblax that is on fire". There is no such thing as a Dwarf Bulblax, at least not yet. A better name would be "Dwarf Fiery Bulblax". That implies it is a dwarven Fiery Bulblax, which it is. On the subject of creature names in Hey! Pikmin, the name "Long Water Dumple" just flat-out sucks. You could've called it the "Water Dumpeel" or something, but no.

Long Water Dumple. Long. Water. Dumple.