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Hey! Pikmin icon.png
Electripede Logs icon.
Appears in Hey! Pikmin
Scientific name Kampia fulgurtainia
Family Scarab beetle
Attacks N/A

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The Electripede (デジゲジ?, lit.: "Electric Centipede") is an enemy found in Hey! Pikmin. It is a centipede-like enemy made up of three body segments, each with two pairs of legs. When struck, they stop in place and start emitting electric sparks that light up the area nearby. This can be used to make Bloominous Stemples bloom.


Game Weight Max.
Seeds Health

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Hey! Pikmin logs

It creeps along walls and ceilings in the dark, generating the electricity it uses to zap away threats. If I could get a bunch of these and harness them for a power plant, I'd be richer than the company president.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Stroomkruiper
Flag of France.svg French Électrille
Flag of Germany.svg German Stromkriecher
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Scossabruco
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Electrípedo

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