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Blubbug In-game icon.
A Blubbug in the Creature Log.
Appears in Hey! Pikmin
Scientific name Fouskaflexilis bilia
Family Bloather
Areas Frozen Hazard
Attacks Bounce Olimar and Pikmin

The Blubbug (フグスベリ?, lit.: "Sliding Pufferfish") is a round creature in Hey! Pikmin that appears exclusively in Frozen Hazard. Blubbugs have a layer of thick, tan fat around their bodies, which can be bounced off of.

The Blubbug moves by spinning forward with its small brown legs. It has a small brown head with light blue eyes and antennae, making it look rather bug-like. Around its head are various spots, and it is roughly two times the height and three times the width of Captain Olimar, being quite large. Although it can be used to jump to higher terrain, it can also cause Olimar or his Pikmin to be bumped into something dangerous like a pit. They are docile, but can sometimes be found twirling and sliding around, which can be a bother, or even outright dangerous. Pikmin can be thrown at one to push it away, either for safety, or to place it somewhere where it can be jumped on top of.

The Puffy Blubbug is a similar creature, but can only be found in Over Wintry Mountains, is constantly spinning, and cannot be jumped on top of, serving only as an obstacle for Olimar during his ride.


Blubbugs are relatively docile, roaming back and forth in a set area. But if Olimar or his Pikmin are spotted, it will run towards them, in an attempt to bounce them away. If it loses interest, it will simply go back to roaming.

Other Blubbugs can be found periodically spinning down a set path. These Blubbugs are simply obstacles, and ignore both Olimar and his Pikmin completely.



Hey! Pikmin logs

Not only does its thick, rubbery layer of fat insulate it from the ice and snow, it wards off any attack. The only way to get at it is to attack its inner core. It has that in common with certain people I know. It's just impossible to get through to them past their thick, insulating layer of self-regard.


See more: Bloather family#Naming.

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  • Common name: Blubbug. The name is a conjunction of the word "Blubber" (from "blub") and "bug". Blubber is a very thick fatty hide on real-world animals such as whales, which is what Olimar describes in its entry in the Creature Log. "Bug" is obviously referring to its bug-like head and antennae.
  • Japanese nickname: フグスベリ?, lit.: "Sliding Pufferfish". The creature moves by sliding around, and it resembles a real-world pufferfish, so that could be what this name is referring to.
  • Japanese name: オオフグユキスベリムシ?, lit.: "Big Pufferfish Snow Sliding Bug".
  • Scientific name: Fouskaflexilis bilia.
  • Internal names: Its generator name is enemy_puffer_bowl. Again, "puffer" is probably referring to "pufferfish", while "bowl" could be referring to how the bottom of its body is round like a bowl.
  • Prerelease: None.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese フグスベリ?
Fugu Suberi
Sliding Pufferfish
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Ballontor
Flag of France French Adipoïde Portmanteau of the word adipeux (fatty) and the suffix -oïde (-oid)
Flag of Germany German Ballonkäfer Balloon Bug
Flag of Italy Italian Apidus
Flag of Spain Spanish Globichejo From "globo" (ballon) and "bichejo" (bug)


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