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Sporegrub In-game icon.
A Sporegrub.
Appears in Hey! Pikmin
Scientific name Himeagea vineacorruo
Family Mandiblard
Areas Steel Pipe Forest, Burning Bog
Attacks Poison pikmin

The Sporegrub (オッコ?, lit.: "Tiny Faller") is an enemy found in Hey! Pikmin. According to Olimar's notes, it is a mutated variant of Sheargrub. It's smaller than other mandiblards, about one third the height of Olimar. It is mostly pink with light spots, but has green menacing eyes and a brown face. It climbs down from vines, and eventually falls on the ground, ready to attack Olimar or his Pikmin. It is quite a rare enemy, only appearing in two areas.


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Weight Max.
Seeds Value Health Regen.
N/A N/A N/A A yellow Sparklium Seed icon, used to represent the object found in the games. × 0 Unknown Unknown


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A Sporegrub spawns on pre-determined paths and will crawl along its vine until it falls off. Once it does it slowly crawls along the ground and turns around when it hits a wall. If it detects something it wants to attack, it pauses for a short second and releases a poison cloud.


  • Ravaged Rustworks
    • Steel Pipe Forest: This is where they are the most frequent, acting as the "gimmick" of the level, being found throughout the whole area. There are lots of twisting vines all over the level, allowing them to quickly travel around.
  • Lushlife Murk
    • Burning Bog: The first notable place they are found in is the room with the Tangerine Paste. They act as a threat that distracts the player, crawling from the ceiling from multiple vines. Here, the player must multitask between fighting the Puffstalk in the room and the Sporegrubs. They also appear a few times throughout the level, and they can land on the player's "raft" and overall cause more chaos.


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Because Sporegrubs move slowly, they are easy to hit. Only a singe Pikmin thrown on top is needed to kill it. However, if one misses and the Pikmin ends up behind it, it is best to whistle it to make it run faster. If it isn't, the Pikmin will remain in the Sporegrub’s attack range for long enough to be killed. When the creature is moving, it is best to slightly lead the shot.


Hey! Pikmin logs

A mutant variety of Sheargrub that lives in certain types of grass. It guards its territory with bursts of toxic gas. I've noticed similar behavior in my dog back home, but it takes much less to set Bulbie off.


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See more: Mandiblard family#Naming.
  • Common name: Sporegrub. From "Sheargrub", a word present in the names of various members of the mandiblard family, and "spore".
  • Japanese nickname: オッコ?. It comes from 落っこちる?, which means "falling", and is likely a pun on the expression ? found in the name of other mandiblards, which in this context means "tiny", particularly "tiny bug". Hence, the name can translate to "Tiny Faller".
  • Japanese name: オトシヒメアギト?, lit.: "Dropping Princess Jaw". From ヒメアギト科?, the Mandiblard family's Japanese name.
  • Scientific name: Himeagea vineacorruo. Vineacorruo comes from the Latin words vinea, meaning "vine", and corruo, meaning "to fall".
  • Internal names: Unknown.
  • Prerelease: None.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese オッコ?
Tiny Faller
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Gifgruppie
Flag of France French Sporve Portemanteau of spore and larve, which means larva.
Flag of Germany German Rankenkriecher Tendril Creeper
Flag of Italy Italian Tarlo velenoso
Flag of South Korea Korean 가시벼룩
Flag of Spain Spanish Esporajén

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