Collin holding out a rescue corps tablet to the player character
Collin handing the player a Rescue Corps Tablet

The tablet is a multi-functional device used by the Rescue Corps in Pikmin 4. It contains several apps that help the player character navigate PNF-404. Pressing the Custom-made icon for the + Button on the Nintendo Switch. button at any time will open the tablet menu, with the Radar Map opened by default; pressing Icon for the B button on the Nintendo Switch. Edited version of the icon by ARMS Institute user PleasePleasePepper, released under CC-BY-SA 4.0. will let the player select another application. There are 8 apps in total: Radar Map, Status Report, Missions, ID Badges, Gear and Skills, Rescue Journal, Voyage Log, and History and Stats. Apps are unlocked over time, and the ID Badges and Rescue Journal apps do not appear in Olimar's Shipwreck Tale. The tablet is unlocked when Collin gives one to the player during the tutorial in the Rescue Command Post. It is similar to the KopPad in Pikmin 3.


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Radar MapEdit

The radar map showing the Sun-Speckled Terrace.
Main article: Radar.

The Radar Map is the default app on the tablet, and it allows the player to view a stylized map of the current area or cave sublevel from above. It is unlocked from the start.

Status ReportEdit

The Status Report app screen.

The Status Report app keeps track of Pikmin totals and other relevant information in the current area. It shows the total count of all Pikmin types currently available, how many were grown or lost that day, the completion percentage of the current area, and the changes in the number of rescues and amount of Sparklium and raw material collected that day. It is unlocked when the player reaches day 2.


Main article: Mission (Pikmin 4).

The Missions app tracks the player's current and completed objectives. There are two tabs: Main Missions and Side Missions. The player can select a specific uncleared mission to pin or unpin that mission, which will make it appear in the lower left corner of the screen during regular gameplay. It is unlocked from the start.

ID BadgesEdit

The ID Badges app catalogs the ID badges of all the characters in the game. It is divided into sections: Rescue Corps, Olimar, Leaflings, and Civilian Castaways. Images of each character are displayed in a grid 5 columns wide, and by moving the selector around this grid, the selected character will have their ID badge displayed on the right side of the screen. Each ID badge is unlocked when that character is rescued. Characters that are confirmed to be stranded are preemptively listed with vacant slots. These vacant slots have a silhouette of the character for the missing Rescue Corps members and Captain Olimar, and a generic question mark icon for other characters. This app is unlocked from the start.

Gear and SkillsEdit

Main articles: Gear and Oatchi.

The Gear and Skills app allows the player to manage the gear they have bought and Oatchi's skills they have trained. It has three tabs: Rescue Gear, Pup Gear, and Pup Skills. A list of gear or skills is on the left side of the screen, and a description and video of the selected gear or skill is on the right. Gear can be unequipped and re-equipped through this menu, but skills cannot. This app is unlocked the day after rescuing Russ.

Rescue JournalEdit

Main article: Rescue Journal.

The Rescue Journal app allows the player to read a variety of helpful texts. There are three tabs: Tips and Tricks, Captain's Diary, and Shepherd Family History. It is unlocked when the player rescues Shepherd.

Voyage LogEdit

Main article: Pikmin 4 voyage log.

The Voyage Log app allows the player to read the collection of notes written by Olimar and Louie. Logs are unlocked as they become relevant to the player and can detail the two's findings on a variety of topics, like Pikmin behavior or environmental observations. Olimar's logs and Louie's logs are on separate tabs, and are navigated by scrolling left and right. This app is unlocked when the player receives the "Secure Energy Source" mission.

History and StatsEdit

Tablet screen for the History and Stats app.

The History and Stats app keeps track of the player's progress in the story and gives some statistics about the playthrough. It has three tabs. The Summary tab summarizes the game's story so far, with images and text descriptions of major events that can be navigated by scrolling left and right. The Message Log tab shows a list of recent dialog messages that other characters have said to the player character, so the player can read back on them. The Story Stats tab shows various numerical statistics: Play Time (in hours, minutes, and seconds), Mission Length (in days), Daytime Explorations, Night Expeditions, Pikmin Added, Pikmin Lost, Creatures Defeated, Lab Visits, Raw Materials Collected, Rescue Officer Knockouts, and Oatchi Knockouts. This app is unlocked from the start.


  • The version number seen at the bottom of the tablet screen when installing an app is Ver. 20.0.1 in the main story and Ver. 10.2.6 in Olimar's Shipwreck Tale. This is a reference to the original release date of Pikmin: October 26th, 2001.

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