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Collin finding a castaway in Pikmin 4.
Collin talking about a castaway.

Castaways are people stranded on PNF-404 in Pikmin 4. It is one of the player's missions to find and save all of them, whether they be missing members of the Rescue Corps or civilian castaways.

Castaways are typically found in the final sublevel of a cave and have to be carried back to the S.S. Beagle, upon which they are called rescues. They all have a weight of 3 and a maximum number of carriers of 6. The following day, they can be talked to at the Rescue Command Post. Some rescues unlock features like the Piklopedia, or give the player side missions to complete. Each rescue also earns 1 Pup Drive for Oatchi, which can be used to unlock new abilities for him.

Certain castaways have instead been turned into leaflings and must be rescued by completing a Dandori Challenge or a Dandori Battle, though some leaflings are found in caves just like regular castaways.

Rescue order[edit]

Shepherd in need of rescue inside the Burrow of Beginnings.

While castaways are found at specific locations, and these locations can be visited in any order, the order in which castaways are rescued will always be the same. For example, no matter if the player's first rescue is in the Last-Frost Cavern or the Crackling Cauldron, it will always be Russ that is saved. Leaflings are rescued separately from other castaways, and while specific leaflings are found in specific locations, the character the leaflings are cured into also has a defined order independent of what leaflings are rescued.

While Shepherd is counted as a rescue, she is not a castaway as she is found in a different context, where instead of taking her to the S.S. Beagle, the player just has to defeat the 3 Bulborb Larvae surrounding her in the Burrow of Beginnings.

The following is a list of non-leafling castaways in the order they are rescued:

Character ID badge description Unlocks Notes Name inspiration(s)
ID badge image of Russ.
An inventor, material engineer, and lover of all things science. He can develop all kinds of useful gadgets with the right raw materials. The Lab.
The ability to use raw material for construction.
The "An Ode to Science" mission.
Jack Russell Terrier
ID badge image of Schnauz.
An acclaimed treasure appraiser who's traveled extensively. His unique techniques were used to develop a leading appraisal AI. The Treasure Catalog.
The "Appraisal Frenzy" mission.
  • Occupation: Treasure appraiser
  • Planet: Siguray
ID badge image of Kingsly.
He took his obsession with flowers to a whole new level when he traveled alone to this remote planet simply to see its unusual blossoms. The "Set the World Abloom" mission.
  • Occupation: Florist
  • Planet: Ooji
ID badge image of Dingo.
An officer who excels at solo missions. He's not a joiner by nature, but he'll show up and lend his physical abilities when need be. The 'Get Help' option in Dandori Challenges, Dandori Battles, and night expeditions.
The "Investigate Areas" mission.
ID badge image of Dalmo.
He loves animals and they love him. A researcher at heart, his passion for other creatures is as genuine as his smile. The Piklopedia.
The "All the Little Darlings" mission.
  • Occupation: Animal enthusiast
  • Planet: Sozor
Dalmatian dog
ID badge image of François.
For years, this scholar has been working to achieve his lifelong dream—reaching mutual understanding with plant life. The "Friend to All Pikmin" mission.
  • Occupation: Plant researcher
  • Planet: Ooji
French Bulldog
ID badge image of Pitunia.
Highly focused and intelligent, she joined the team to investigate mysterious creatures through her unconventional methods. The "Fusing Onions" mission.
  • Occupation: Researcher
  • Planet: Ogura
Pit bull
ID badge image of Yonny.
A doctor who lives for discovering and solving unusual cases. He jumps at every chance to test his experimental medicines. Night expeditions. Papillon dog
ID badge image of Puddle.
A stylist with clients all over the universe. Just say the word, and he'll unleash his fashionable skills at lightning speed. The ability to change the appearance of the player character.
The "Leafling Meet and Greet" mission.
  • Occupation: Stylist
  • Planet: Enohay
ID badge image of Mika.
A new teacher at Alayon Academy who's putting her liberal-arts degree to good use as adviser to the Planetary Science Club. The "Find the Missing Students" mission.
  • Occupation: Teacher
  • Planet: Neechki
Toy dog or Shikoku dog
ID badge image of Sy.
This environmental ecologist joined the team to research Pikmin ecology and decipher their mysterious relationship to whistles. The "Researching Onions" mission.
  • Occupation: Ecologist
  • Planet: Ogura
Siberian Husky
ID badge image of Sheeba.
Founder of Alayon Academy's Planetary Science Club. This student was determined to see the stars along with her friends. N/A
  • Occupation: Student
  • Planet: Neechki
Shiba Inu
ID badge image of Muggs.
Popular for her brave reporting style, she was approached by a director to work on a project about this strange new planet. The "Find the Missing TV Crew" mission.
  • Occupation: Popular television reporter
  • Planet: Enohee
Pug or Muggin
ID badge image of Keesh.
A member of the Planetary Science Club at Alayon Academy who believes the stars are inextricably linked to the ore she collects. N/A
  • Occupation: Student
  • Planet: Neechki
Keeshond or Kishu
ID badge image of Osa.
An archaeologist tracking the path of civilization across the universe. He hopes his discoveries will shock the world of academia. The "Building Goodwill" mission.
  • Occupation: Archaeologist
  • Planet: Siguray
Tosa (dog breed)
ID badge image of Frisé.
A dedicated composer traveling with a famous opera singer and a TV crew, hoping to find inspiration for an upcoming project. The "Music of a Past Culture" mission.
  • Occupation: Composer
  • Planet: Enohee
Bichon Frisé
ID badge image of Kaia.
Though a member of her school's Planetary Science Club, the hours she spends cloud gazing rarely lead to scientific observations. N/A
  • Occupation: Student
  • Planet: Neechki
Kai Ken
ID badge image of Vonda.
She fiercely believes that what unexplored lands need most is art, so she hired and flew a TV crew to this planet to create some. N/A
  • Occupation: Opera singer
  • Planet: Enohay
Briquet Griffon Vendéen
ID badge image of Twyla.
A young researcher who is passionate about sedimentary rock and geological features but avoids its messy counterpart—dirt. N/A
  • Occupation: Young geologist
  • Planet: Conohan
ID badge image of Bernise.
This fortune teller followed the will of the galaxy to this planet to guide those who are lost. Her predictions occasionally come true. N/A
  • Occupation: Fortune teller
  • Planet: Enohay
Bernese Mountain Dog
ID badge image of Horatio.
A proud member of the gig economy. He likes to think he spreads cheer wherever he goes, but he usually does the opposite. N/A
  • Occupation: Member of the gig economy
  • Planet: Sozor
Hoary fox
ID badge image of Sammy.
Coming from a perpetually stormy region, he's captivated by the sight of a blue sky. He's hoping to see more during this trip. N/A
  • Occupation: Sky researcher
  • Planet: Ocobo
Samoyed dog
ID badge image of Wolfgang.
He's here for good footage and, hopefully, good ratings. If he doesn't get the latter, then he's in for another existential crisis. N/A
  • Occupation: Television director
  • Planet: Enohee

Special cases[edit]

There are a few castaways that do not adhere to any specific rescue order, instead they are found in specific locations or points in the story.

The following is a list of special castaways in the order the player will encounter them:

Character ID badge description Unlocks Notes Location Name inspiration
ID badge image of Oatchi.
This young, loyal Rescue Pup is one of an elite breed of space dogs that's long served the Shepherd family. This is his first mission. Oatchi Found in the beginning area of the Rescue Command Post. He counts towards the "Rescue the Rescue Corps" mission but does not add to the rescue counter. Japanese for sit
ID badge image of Collin.
As the Rescue Corps Comms Operator, he handles communication for his fellow officers. Plus he's handy with a wrench! The ability to choose an area to explore, once the "Secure Energy Source" mission has been completed. Found directly behind the potted plant at the beginning of the Rescue Command Post. Collie
ID badge image of Shepherd.
A 99th-gen Rescue Corps Officer. She was saved by a Rescue Pup as a child, sparking a lifelong love for her furry colleagues. The ability to teach Oatchi skills once he undergoes his growth spurt. Found in the Burrow of Beginnings. To rescue her, the player just has to defeat the three Bulborb Larva surrounding her. German Shepherd
ID badge image of Don Bergman.
Don Bergman
An ex-ranger who followed rumors of treasure to this planet. He'll use the profits to help the starving back in his homeland. Primordial Thicket, once Yorke has also been saved.
  • Occupation: Treasure hunter
  • Planet: Koppai
Always the first castaway found in the Giant's Hearth. Dobermann
ID badge image of Yorke.
Grandson of the famous Koppai scientist Dr. Drake and partner of Don Bergman. He's talented at rewiring communication devices. Primordial Thicket, once Don Bergman has also been saved.
  • Occupation: Treasure hunter
  • Planet: Koppai
Always rescued by completing Hot Sandy Duel. Yorkshire Terrier
ID badge image of Nelle.
A uniquely talented veterinarian at the top of her field. She's here with Don Bergman and crew in pursuit of treasure. Cavern for a King the day after she is rescued.
  • Occupation: Treasure hunter
  • Planet: Koppai
Always rescued by completing Final Battle. Spaniel
ID badge image of Louie.
The quiet new driver and the embodiment of the word "troublemaker." He has a ravenous and alarmingly adventurous appetite. The "Fit for a Feast" mission. Always found on the final sublevel of the Cavern for a King. Luigi

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese 遭難者?
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Luònàn Zhě
Flag of China Chinese
Luònàn Zhě
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Schipbreukeling Castaway
Flag of France French Naufragé Castaway
Flag of Germany German Gestrandeter Castaway
Flag of Italy Italian Naufrago Castaway
Flag of South Korea Korean 조난자
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Sobrevivente Survivor
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) Náufrago Castaway
Flag of Spain Spanish (NoE) Persona desaparecida Missing person

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