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Every game in the Pikmin series can be completed in varying degrees. Some players may consider their play time with the game completed after just beating Story Mode, while others may want to finish everything the game has to offer. The following is a list of completion goals that exist in every game. Some of these objectives are acknowledged by the game, and unlock new content or mark something in the player's stats, while others consist of subjective goals that, in general, most players would consider part of "100%" completion of a game.


Reach an ending

Pikmin has 3 endings: the bad ending, reached by playing all 30 days without getting enough ship parts, the good ending, reached by getting at least the 25 mandatory ship parts by the end of the 30 days, and the best ending, reached by getting all 30 ship parts.

Collect all ship parts
All ship parts collected.

Getting all 30 ship parts is the main way that Pikmin's Story Mode can be completed.

Complete all Challenge Mode stages

Since each stage has a maximum number of Pikmin that can possibly be grown, it is possible to complete Challenge Mode by getting the maximum score on each stage. However, no human has ever done this, as getting a perfect score of 752 in The Distant Spring is incredibly difficult, and has only ever been done in tool-assisted superplays.

Pikmin 2[edit]

Repay the debt

Pikmin 2's first ending occurs when 10000 Pokos have been obtained, which causes the credits to play.

Collect all treasures

Pikmin 2's second ending occurs when all 201 treasures have been collected. This completes the Treasure Hoard.

Completing the Piklopedia

By interacting with or defeating all the creatures, it is possible to unlock all 81 entries in the Piklopedia.

Complete all Challenge Mode stages
All Challenge Mode stages completed.

On top of clearing all 30 Challenge Mode stages, the player can also beat each one with a pink flower (which is done by completing the stage with no Pikmin deaths), thus effectively completing Challenge Mode. Doing this unlocks a secret cutscene.

Pikmin 3[edit]

Defeat the final boss

Pikmin 3's ending occurs when the Plasm Wraith is defeated in the Formidable Oak. There are 4 variants of the ending, and which is seen depends on how many fruits are collected.

Collect all fruits

The best ending occurs when all 66 fruits are collected. This is the standard way of completing Pikmin 3's Story Mode.

Story Mode 100%

In addition to collecting all fruits, Story Mode can be fully completed by collecting all data files and upgrades.

Get all badges

In Pikmin 3 Deluxe exclusively, there are 50 badges that can be unlocked by completing various tasks in each of the game modes.

Complete all Mission Mode stages

Playing all 36 Mission Mode stages at least once records each stage as having been attempted. In the original Pikmin 3, this requires purchasing the DLC.

All platinum medals in Mission Mode
All Collect Treasure missions completed in single-player, but not co-op.

Getting a platinum medal in both single-player and co-op on all 36 Mission Mode stages effectively completes the mode.

Complete Olimar's Assignment

Reaching the end of all 4 days in Olimar's Assignment reaches the ending of the Side Story.

Complete Olimar's Comeback

Reaching the end of all 10 days in Olimar's Comeback reaches the ending of the Side Story.

All platinum medals in the Side Stories

Getting a platinum medal on all 14 Side Stories stages effectively completes the mode.

All Bingo Battle stages

Unlocking all 12 Bingo Battle stages by completing the previous stage, and unlocking all variants of all stages by playing each one at least 3 times, effectively completes the mode.

Hey! Pikmin[edit]

Defeat the final boss

Hey! Pikmin's ending occurs when the Berserk Leech Hydroe is defeated. In order to do this, the player must first collect 30000 Sparklium and reach the end of the Lushlife Murk to unlock the final area, Fragment of Hope.

Complete all areas

Reaching the end of all 49 areas (including the secret areas, which requires completing some areas twice) and completing all regular Secret Spots will mark every level as being cleared on the area selection menu.

Collect all regular treasures

Getting all 125 regular treasures will fill the Treasure Log.

Collect all treasures

Hey! Pikmin also has 41 amiibo treasures, but the only way to get them all is to have all of the corresponding amiibo, or the Pikmin amiibo.

Complete the logs

Completing the logs requires collecting all 166 treasures, encountering all 57 enemies, and unlocking all types of Pikmin and pellets.

Collect all badges
The Leafswirl Lagoon with a badge in every area.

Completing an area "perfectly" will place a gold Pikmin badge on the level's icon in the area selection menu. If this is done for all areas, the saved game selection menu will also have a gold Pikmin badge on that save file. For an area to be completed "perfectly", the following must happen:

  • The player must find all 20 Pikmin in the area.
  • The player must never let any Pikmin die.
  • The player must never use amiibo to help.

Once an area receives a badge, the badge stays there forever, and if the player did something while playing an area that made it impossible to get the badge, they can just try that area again.

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