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S.S. Dolphin, The Pikmin, Olimar, Louie, Bulborb, President, Onion, Candypop Bud, Cave, Pollen, Spicy Drop, Bitter Drop, Fire, [[Pikmin School]]

Olimar's Parts

Main Engine, Positron Generator, Eternal Fuel Dynamo, Whimsical Radar, Extraordinary Bolt, Nova Blaster, Shock Absorber, Radiation Canopy, Geiger Counter, Sagittarius, Number 1 Ionium Jet, Gravity Jumper, Automatic Gear, Space Float, Anti-Dioxin Filter, Libra, Analog Computer, Omega Stabilizer, Guard Satillite, Repair-type Bolt, Massage Machine, Interstellar Radio, Gluon Drive, UV Lamp, Zirconium Rotor, Pilot's Seat, Bowsprit, Chronos Reactor, Number 2 Ionium Jet, Secret Safe,


The Impact Site, The Forest of Hope, The Forest Navel, The Distant Spring, The Final Trial, Valley of Repose, Awakening Wood, Perplexing Pool, Wistful Wild

About Me

I'm a huge fan of pikmin and I was so happy when I first signed up for Pikipedia. To me Pikmin 2 is harder than the First Pikmin game. I always thought that Valley of Repose was The Forest Navel, then I finally realized it wasn't by its shape. I love Pikmin more than the second because of the plot. It made the game much interesting than I thought it would be. My favorite music is the Forest of Hope theme. Its catchy. I was so mad when the Lost Libra glitch happened. I was playing the game and I saw the Libra fall into the abyss below! We had to restart the day...

Day 7

This whole story was true! It was Day 7 when I first landed in The Forest Navel. I had 123 red pikmin, so I took 100 out. I started off tearing down the white gate near the landing spot. After that, Me and the pikmin worked on the bridges that led down to the Fiery Blowhogs. We then started retrieving the Automatic Gear. Then We got the Gravity Jumper, next. Then we when back to the landing site. As we returned, a strange gray line appeared in the middle of the screen. The screen suddenly slow downas well did the players too. The pikmin gauge showed that pikmin started to disappear! I checked the radar, the missing pikmin were gone... To make thing worse, it was almost sunset! I put all my pikmin away. The pikmin guage said 84 pikmin were still out. Just then the sunset bell rung. The radar still said nothing about the lost pikmin. I had nothing to do but go to sunset. After that, I lost the 84 pikmin that disappeared from the screen.

Pikmin Walkthrough

I'll be starting my own Pikmin walkthrough to give people my strategy on how I play Pikmin. I will not being including Day I, obviously of its no time limit rule. Ok, let's get started!

Day II: The Impact Site

Basically, on this day, you will be spending time gathering pellets and using them to make more pikmin for you population, (make sure all the pellets are red). If done correctly, you should have about 99-115 Pikmin. Also, while your here, use the nectar found in the tall grass so your pikmin can gain swiftness. Afterward, just end the day, as there won't be anything else to do.

Day III: The Forest of Hope

Do not collect any parts on this day!

First, your going to need all your reds. Break down the gate that lies in front of you, and when finished, go kill the dwarf and spotty bulborbs. Afterward, break down the fence that leads to where the yellows are. Defeat the bulborbs that lie in front of you. Then, go and get the yellow pikmin. At this point, you should have lost about a quarter's worth of day time. Give the yellows all the yellow pellets and dead enemies which would give it to a high amount, around 80-110 depending on the variables between the pellets that appear after death. After all the yellows are made, put your red pikmin away. Take out at least twenty yellows and pick up as may bomb rocks possible. Use three to demolish the stone gate that leads to the Whimsical Radar. Here, dismiss the pikmin and let Olimar take out the bulborbs and sheargrubs. Olimar's damage is at your risk so be careful. When all the enemies are dead, call back your yellows and destroy the black stone gate that will uncover the Extraordinary Bolt. Next, move on to the spotty and dwarf bulborb. Kill them. Sunset should be near but if you still have some bomb rocks, use them to destroy the black wooden and stone gates. Then your done for the day!

Day VI: The Forest of Hope

This is the day your going to worry about getting the parts, call 100 reds out and move straight to the Eternal Fuel Dynamo, Whimsical Radar and Extraordinary Bolt, the minimum weight of all these parts together will leave you ten pikmin. Once the three parts are in the ship, move on the go get the Shock Absorber. First, toss all your pkmin on the ledge and then meet with them froming walking on the submerged root. Call your group and easily kill the bulborb and retrieve the part. When that's done, your ship capibilities should increase, unlocking the Forest Navel. Move to site where the Nova Blaster lays, but first, take care of the bulborbs that are in your way. Grab the Nova Blaster and just now take a break because your finished for the day, although I do recommend to use the dead enemies to make more pikmin.

A work in progress