Automatic Gear

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Automatic Gear Icon used to represent the ship part on the wiki.
This is a mandatory ship part.
Weight 15
Max. carriers 25 Pikmin
Location The Forest Navel

The Automatic Gear is a ship part that is found in Pikmin. It chugs along at its own pace and it makes piloting easier, giving Captain Olimar time to concentrate on finer points of space travel. When collected, this part will not visually change the S. S. Dolphin.

Collecting the part[edit]

Location of the part on the radar. Click for a bigger image.

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The Automatic Gear is found in The Forest Navel, on a ledge near the landing site, where you have to build a twig to get it. As it is in a high place, Pikmin get deflowered when they fall off the edge while carrying it. The tilted ship part glitch can also occur due to the long drop.

To avoid your Pikmin getting deflowered, you can call them back just as they are walking off the border. Another useful method is to simply walk away. If the Pikmin are off-sight, they will not get deflowered. This technique is also useful for getting other ship parts in the game. Due to several Shearwigs being in the area where the Pikmin fall, you must take precautions to ensure no Pikmin deaths. This can also be avoided by placing it off-screen.

Fiery Blowhogs can also wander into the drop point of the part later in the day, so it may be a good idea to use Red Pikmin. If doing a speedrun, have your Pikmin work on collecting this part while you discover the Blue Pikmin, as the Blue Onion and the part are very close together.


Olimar's monologs

I've found the Automatic Gear!

This thing chugs right along at its own pace. It makes piloting much easier, giving me time to concentrate on the finer points of space travel.

It has thin cracks running through it. I tried to fill them with dirt... I hope it will be all right.



The icon.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Quebec.svg French (NoA) Engrenage de vitesses automatique (in-game)
Engrenage (final results screen)
Automatic speed gears
Flag of France.svg French (NoE) Boîte Automatique Automatic Box
Flag of Germany.svg German Autom. Getriebe Automatic Gear
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Autonavigatore Automatic navigator
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 오토매틱 기어 Automatic Gear
Flag of Mexico.svg Spanish (NoA) Transmisión Transmission
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish (NoE) Transmisión Transmission