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Dandori Day Care

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Dandori Day Care

Shot taken with the Survey Drone.

Available Pikmin
Icon for the Red Pikmin, from Pikmin 4's Piklopedia.
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
90 100 120 140
Dandori level A flame icon used to indicate the Dandori Level of Dandori Challenges, Dandori Battles, and the Danger Level of night expeditions. A modified version of  to represent the empty ratings up to 5. A modified version of  to represent the empty ratings up to 5. A modified version of  to represent the empty ratings up to 5. A modified version of  to represent the empty ratings up to 5.
Time limit 5:00
Music Dandori Challenge 1

Dandori Day Care (ダンドリ養成所?, lit.: "Dandori Training School") is the first Dandori Challenge in Pikmin 4. Set in an environment resembling a toybox, it is a small stage with basic enemies and obstacles, with Red Pikmin being the only type available.

How to reach[edit]

See: Dandori Challenge#Locations

This Dandori Challenge is the first in the dynamic order. It is followed by Hotshock Canyon.


Being the first Dandori Challenge encountered, the area is small and has the shape of a square. The environment is made out of wooden blocks, foam mats, and other toy-like objects. The stage features a raised platform with Dwarf Bulborbs and a Bulborb, as well as a large wooden block tower in one corner.


The S.S. Beagle is located in the center of the stage on a raised platform. The player starts here along with 10 Red Pikmin. To the right is a dirt wall in front of a ramp to access the platform. To the left is a long wall with a potted plant, which must be pulled from the other side to open the path. To the front is an open ramp, and behind the platform ends, with blocks allowing Oatchi to climb the platform.

To the north, there is a Dwarf Bulborb with 5 Red Pikmin fighting it and an egg to the north-east. To the west of this location is a ramp into a small area with the Condensed Sunshine and 5 Red Pikmin hiding in some grass. This ramp is placed such that it is a one-way drop without Oatchi's jump.

In the north-east there is a large tower of blocks with two methods of access: At the north-west corner there is a ramp leading into some blocks which Oatchi can climb, and in the south-east corner there is a long shallow ramp with two breakable pots (containing 5 Red Pikmin) blocking the way. On the top of this tower there is a Searing Acidshock on a block, a pile of 30 Gold Nuggets, an egg, and a climbable rope which must be unraveled with 5 Pikmin.

The east and south part of this stage contain a handful of enemies, Pikmin, and treasure. in the east there are two Dwarf Bulborbs and a buried Cushion Cake. Following through to the south, there is a Vanishing Cookie in one corner, 5 Red Pikmin fighting a Tusked Blowhog, 5 Red Pikmin on top of a cylindrical block, a Sweet Torrent, and a series of platforms allowing Oatchi to jump to access the raised western area.

The western area is at the same elevation as the starting platform, but blocked off with a long wall of blocks and a potted plant. It can be accessed from the south-west with Oatchi's jump, or from the north-west via a ramp. This area contains a pile of 40 Gold Nuggets, a Bulborb holding the Cookie of Prosperity, two Dwarf Bulborbs with 5 Red Pikmin fighting one, and two eggs.


The following article or section contains guides.
The strategies shown are just suggestions.

Firstly, defeat the Dwarf Bulborb in front of the start to gather 5 Red Pikmin, then continue to the left and whistle another 5 Red Pikmin hiding in a patch of grass. After arriving in the large area, defeat all of the Dwarf Bulborbs and begin removing the potted plant. After that is done, you can gather 10 more Red Pikmin from the bottom of the map, defeat the sleeping Bulborb with a Rush and start transporting all of the objects in the north-east area to the S.S. Beagle. If you want to, you can use the 2 eggs to flower your Pikmin.

After all objects are transported, put 5 Pikmin on the pile of 40 Gold Nuggets and begin destroying the dirt wall. Kill the 2 Dwarf Bulborbs and dig up the Cushion Cake, then begin to transport everything in the south section.

Lastly, make your way up the tower and destroy the 2 breakable pots to get the last 5 Red Pikmin. Transport the Searing Acidshock, lower the climbing rope, and put all of your remaining Pikmin on the pile of 30 Gold Nuggets.


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Dandori Challenge menu[edit]

A place to learn the basics of the art of Dandori. Consider what you need to do and how to do it, then take action!



  • With the exception of Gold Nuggets, all of the treasures in this Dandori Challenge are edible sweets.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ダンドリ養成所?
Dandori Yōsei-sho
Dandori Training School
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Dāngduōlǜ Yùchéng-suǒ
Dandori Training School
Flag of China Chinese
Dāngduōlǜ Yùchéng-suǒ
Dandori Training School
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Dandori-speelplaats Dandori playground
Flag of France French Garderie Dandori Dandori day care
Flag of Germany German Dandori-Spielzimmer Dandori Playroom
Flag of Italy Italian Parco giochi Dandori Dandori playground
Flag of South Korea Korean 계획력 양성소
Gyehoengnyeok Yangseongso
Dandori Training School
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Creche Dandori Dandori day care
Flag of Spain Spanish Ludoteca Dandori Dandori playroom

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