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Last-Frost Cavern

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Last-Frost Cavern
An Icy Blowhog in the Last-Frost Cavern.
Location Sun-Speckled Terrace
Sublevels 1
Rescues 1
Treasures 2
Onions 1
Suggested Pikmin Icon for Red Pikmin in Pikmin 4's HUD. Icon for Ice Pikmin in Pikmin 4's HUD.
Wild Pikmin Icon for Ice Pikmin in Pikmin 4's HUD.

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The Last-Frost Cavern is a cave in Pikmin 4, located in the Sun-Speckled Terrace. As it appears out in the open on a path the player will walk on as they explore the area, it is likely this is the first cave the player will explore, though it is technically not required for progression. It has a single sublevel where 10 Ice Pikmin can be found (though only 5 on subsequent visits). Because of its placement, it's likely that this is where the player will first discover Ice Pikmin. This cave has Icon that represents Sparklium on the wiki, based on the icon found in Pikmin 4. × 190 worth of treasure.

How to reach[edit]

After continuing down the path from the first base and breaking down the first dirt wall, the cave's entrance will be directly in front of you. Because of its short length, it's recommended you enter it as soon as you discover it.


Olimar's Voyage Log[edit]

The image accompanying Olimar's voyage log #40 "Last-Frost Cavern".
I entered a cave to look for S.S Dolphin parts and found a creature that defies the logic of space! It further surprised me by expelling frigid-cold air. Imagine if there were Pikmin that had been acclimatized to that cold air... This planet's ecosystem is full of mysteries.

Sublevel 1[edit]

Labeled map of sublevel 1 of the Last-Frost Cavern.
Map of the sublevel.
  • Wild Pikmin:
    • Icon for the Ice Pikmin, from Pikmin 4's Piklopedia. Ice Pikmin × 10 (5 fighting the Snowy Blowhog, 5 more in pots)

Being one of the first caves in the game, this sublevel is relatively simple. Destroy the breakable pots with a rush to find some nectar and collect any treasures you find. Defeat the Snowy Blowhog nearby to discover Ice Pikmin and collect the Refreshing Goo and Flarlic in the next room. You can lower the paper bag to unlock a shortcut to carry items quicker. Use Ice Pikmin to freeze and destroy the hydro jelly blocking the path towards the castaway and the exit.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese なごりの氷穴?
Nagori no Hyōketsu
Remnant Ice Cave
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Liúliàn Bīng Dòng
"Reluctant to leave" Ice Cave
Flag of China Chinese
Liúliàn Bīng Dòng
"Reluctant to leave" Ice Cave
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Vorstgrot Frost cave
Flag of France French Grotte de l'ère glaciaire Ice age cave
Flag of Germany German Frostkaverne Frost Cavern
Flag of Italy Italian Caverna gelata Frost cavern
Flag of South Korea Korean 잔설의 얼음 구멍
Janseol-ui Eoreum Gumeong
Remaining Snow Ice Hole
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Caverna gélida Icy cave
Flag of Spain Spanish Caverna gélida Icy cave

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