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Drafty Gallery

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Drafty Gallery
A Joustmite in the Drafty Gallery.
Ice Pikmin fighting a Joustmite.
Location Blossoming Arcadia
Sublevels 4
Rescues 1
Treasures 10
Onions 0
Suggested Pikmin Icon for Red Pikmin in Pikmin 4's HUD. Icon for Yellow Pikmin in Pikmin 4's HUD.
Wild Pikmin Icon for Ice Pikmin in Pikmin 4's HUD.

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The Drafty Gallery is a cave in the Blossoming Arcadia in Pikmin 4. Its entrance is not surrounded by any major obstacles and the only hazard inside are fire, making it likely to be the player's first cave in the Blossoming Arcadia to explore. Members of the blowhog family appear in this cave, who cause drafts of air with their attacks. A metallic cave, pits are present around the platforms, so it's recommended the player take extra care to make sure no enemies shake off Pikmin into them. This cave has Icon that represents Sparklium on the wiki, based on the icon found in Pikmin 4. × 1,010 worth of treasure.

How to reach[edit]

A visual guide to the Drafty Gallery from each landing spot
Map of the Blossoming Arcadia showing the cave's location.

There are two main ways to access this cave.

  • From the Fragrant Ravine, head west and turn right until you reach the top of the hill with the area's Dandori Battle entrance. Build and cross the clay bridge and then turn right.
  • From the Sunwashed Plateau, walk along the path on the right until you come across a climbing wall. Build and climb the wall, and you will find the cave's entrance straight ahead.


Olimar's Voyage Log[edit]

The image accompanying Olimar's voyage log #45 "Drafty Gallery".
Beneath the passage, all I can see is an interminable darkness. I tossed a pebble into the abyss but never heard it hit the ground. I must proceed with caution here. I don't want any Pikmin accidentally thrown to their demise, let alone shaken off by some creature.

Sublevel 1[edit]

Labeled map of sublevel 1 of the Drafty Gallery.
Map of sublevel 1.

Defeat the Downy Snagrets and then collect the treasures. Destroying the dirt wall allows the Pikmin carrying the Spouse Alert to take a faster route, but is not required.

Sublevel 2[edit]

Labeled map of sublevel 2 of the Drafty Gallery.
Map of sublevel 2.

Fire hazards exist on this sublevel. Defeat the Fiery Blowhogs and destroy the fire generators to ensure that Pikmin carrying treasures and nuggets can safely reach the S.S. Beagle. One of the geysers is a shortcut that leads back to the base, while the other two are necessary to reach the Back-at-the-Beginning Track.

Sublevel 3[edit]

Labeled map of sublevel 3 of the Drafty Gallery.
Map of sublevel 3.

To access the hole to the next sublevel, a clay bridge must be built with 29 pieces of raw material. 30 pieces are found in the sublevel, meaning it will always be possible to build it. Most of the raw material and all of the treasures are found on a separate island to the starting one, and to access it, a geyser must be attacked until it starts shooting air. Another base exists on this island, which can be used after defeating the Joustmite next to it.

Sublevel 4[edit]

Labeled map of sublevel 4 of the Drafty Gallery.
Map of sublevel 4.

The boss of this cave is a Puffy Blowhog. Defeating it makes it drop a castaway and lower a numbered gate that lets the player collect a treasure and exit the cave. There are 5 wild Ice Pikmin on a high platform, which can be whistled from the far side of the platform from the boss arena.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese ふっとばされ回廊?
Fut-tobasare Kairō
Blow Away Gallery
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Chuīfēi Zǒuláng
Blow Away Gallery
Flag of China Chinese
Chuīfēi Zǒuláng
Blow Away Gallery
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Blaaskaakgalerij Blowhard gallery
Flag of France French Galerie des bourrasques Gusts gallery
Flag of Germany German Zugige Gänge Drafty Hallways
Flag of Italy Italian Galleria ventosa Windy gallery
Flag of South Korea Korean 낭떠러지 회랑
Nangtteoleoji Hirang
Precipice Gallery
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Galeria ventilante Ventilating gallery
Flag of Spain Spanish Galería ventosa Windy gallery


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