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Trial Run

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Trial Run
Default Pikmin* Icon for the Red Pikmin, from Pikmin 4's Piklopedia. Red Pikmin
Opponent* Olimar
Dandori Level* A flame icon used to indicate the Dandori Level of Dandori Challenges, Dandori Battles, and the Danger Level of night expeditions. A modified version of  to represent the empty ratings up to 5. A modified version of  to represent the empty ratings up to 5. A modified version of  to represent the empty ratings up to 5. A modified version of  to represent the empty ratings up to 5.
Time limit 4:00
Music Dandori Battle 1 (toys)
*This can be changed in Dandori Battle mode.

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Trial Run is the first Dandori Battle stage in Pikmin 4. It is a small stage with few enemies and treasures, set in a toybox-like environment with wooden blocks and foam mats. In Story Mode, the opponent is the Olimar leafling. As the first stage, it is unlocked automatically in Dandori Battle mode. It has a time limit of 4 minutes.

How to reach[edit]

See: Dandori Battle#Locations

It will be either in the Sun-Speckled Terrace, Blossoming Arcadia, or Serene Shores, depending on which Dandori Battle is entered first.


Trial Run is a very simple stage, consisting of only one rectangular space with four alcoves: two acting as each player's respective base and another two behind dirt walls housing piles of Gold Nuggets. There are also two small piles of sand that have one Portable Sunset each buried within them and two blocks that will have a Sunseed Berry on top of them. A Zest Bomb will be placed along the wall of each side that must be knocked down with the player's space dog.

There are only two types of enemies, Dwarf Bulborbs and Fiery Blowhogs, neither of which are difficult to fight with Red Pikmin.

Starting objects[edit]

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Objects that spawn during the battle[edit]

The Sneak Bomb will appear at 1:30 remaining.

The second Bonus Find will be selected at 2:30 remaining.


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Before doing anything else, make sure to take down the nearby Pellet Posies so your Pikmin numbers can grow higher and allow you to do more things.

Due to the lack of enemies and obstacles, you can focus most of your efforts on preventing your opponent from getting any points directly. The confined area also allows you to quickly keep track of any treasure or corpses your opponent is collecting. Make sure that anything going to their Onion is redirected to yours by stealing each object, which can be accomplished by having 1 or more Pikmin carrying them. Your opponent moves slowly, and will almost never attempt to steal items your Pikmin are already carrying, so keeping them from scoring is nothing more than making sure nothing goes to their base.

When not doing that, be sure to use Oatchi to ram down the Zest Bomb on either side of the stage when possible. Nothing in the stage weighs more than 10, so if Oatchi's Buff skill as been upgraded to level 3, he will be able to carry any object to the Onion on his own, which helps keep you with the maximum Pikmin possible to carry back more things. In regards to the two dirt walls, try to have only one or two Pikmin working on it at a time instead of charging a whole group, as its very likely your opponent will break down the wall on their own while you're working anyway. From there, make sure to charge as many as possible onto the pile of gold to get it out of your opponent's hands quickly, since singular gold nuggets cannot be stolen like other treasures.

If you're struggling to keep up with your opponent, Moss should be easily weakened by a swarm of your Pikmin and knocked out for a large amount of time.


Corgwin's menu[edit]

The more Pikmin you propagate, the more stuff you can collect! Use this stage to brush up on Dandori Battle basics.

Dandori Battle menu[edit]

With its compact size, this stage is perfect for some quick and easy Dandori Battles. Expect to go toe-to-toe with your opponent!

Names in other languages[edit]

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Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese こてしらべの戦い?
Koteshirabe no Tatakai
Trial Run Battle
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Xiǎoshìniúdāo zhī Zhàn
Flag of China Chinese
Xiǎoshìniúdāo zhī Zhàn
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Beginnersuitdaging Beginner challenge
Flag of France French Terrain d'exercice Training ground
Flag of Germany German Testduell Test Duel
Flag of Italy Italian Battaglia di prova Test battle
Flag of South Korea Korean 전초전
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Batalha de teste Test battle
Flag of Mexico Spanish (NoA) Enfrentamiento recreativo Recreational confronatation
Flag of Spain Spanish (NoE) Terreno de prácticas Practice field

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