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Boss Facts

1. is hardest and 13. is the easiest

  • 1.)Man-at-Legs
  • 2.)Pileated Snagret
  • 3.)Titan Dweevil
  • 4.)Empress Bulblax (with Larvae and falling rocks)
  • 5.)Segmented Crawbster
  • 6.)Empress Bulblax (with Larvae)
  • 7.)Waterwraith
  • 8.)Ranging Bloyster
  • 9.)Emperor Bulblax
  • 10.)Beady Long Legs
  • 11.)Burrowing Snagret
  • 12.)Empress Bulblax (without Larvae or rocks)
  • 13.)Giant Breadbug and Raging Long Legs

Minibosses of Pikmin 1

Pikmin artithmatic (most of these are guesses, others are in Two-player mode), These are for Underground Enemies in Pikmin 2, no bosses