Some Pikmin after being dismissed.

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Disbanding, known as dismissing (隊列の解散?) prior to Pikmin 4, also known as dispersing or separating,[1] is a gameplay action wherein the current leader issues all (or most) members of their group to leave the party, causing them to become idle in the process. In doing so, they also organize themselves in packed groups, sorted by type or leaders. This can be useful to abandon all Pikmin in order to take on a solo exploration, to pick only specific types of Pikmin to add to the party, or to quickly issue all Pikmin to work on a task.


To dismiss, the player must press   /   in the first two games,   /   /   in Pikmin 3 (or by tapping the icon, in stylus mode), or hold   and tilt down on   in Pikmin 3 Deluxe. In all games before Pikmin 3 Deluxe, this action causes all Pikmin and leaders in the group to leave. In Pikmin 3 Deluxe and Pikmin 4, the currently selected Pikmin/leader group will stay in the group, unless they are the only group in the squad, in which case they will also be dismissed. Pikmin 4 also includes a hot-key option to Disband All, which has the same functionality as prior games.

When dismissed, the Pikmin move away from the leader, in the same direction that the party is compared to the leader, and organize themselves in circular groups so that there is enough space for the leader to move through them. Any leader in the party will also be removed.

If there is something in the way, the Pikmin will attempt to move past it for a few seconds, and if they do not find a suitable spot to fill the required dismiss distance, they will instead stay in their place. Hence, if a large group is dismissed in a tight area, there might not be enough room for the groups to be separated properly.

In Pikmin and Pikmin 3, any Pikmin carrying bomb-rocks get to keep their bombs, and are placed in a different group from empty-handed Pikmin of the same types. When whistled or touched, they will return to the group without dropping the bomb-rock. In the case of Pikmin on the GameCube, however, if they are thrown, calling them back with the whistle will cause them to drop and activate the explosive.

In Pikmin 2, after dismissing the group, the leader can lie down if the same button is held, but only after the Five-man Napsack has been obtained. A leader can also be forced to dismiss their group if grabbed by a Bumbling Snitchbug.

In Hey! Pikmin, Pikmin can be de facto dismissed by using the jetpack. Instead of separating in to groups, the Pikmin will simply stay in the same position they were left in, and won't become idle. If any Pikmin returning to Olimar touch the group, they will become a part of it. The group can be brought back under Olimar's control by either touching the group or whistling them.


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Occasionally, in Pikmin 2, when the Pikmin are dismissed, one or two of them ignore the call and remain on the group; the exact causes for this are not currently known, but it should be noted that if a Pikmin is tripping, it can't be dismissed, so it will still follow the leader after tripping. This does not happen in Pikmin because tripping Pikmin can be dismissed in that game.

In Pikmin and Pikmin 3, leaders can dismiss even when there are no Pikmin in their group. In the first two games, the leaders can move freely while whistling their dismiss order, but in Pikmin 3, they are forced to stop in place, do a simple spin-jump animation, and only then are they allowed to continue.

If the group is stretched out in Pikmin 2, the interval between sorted Pikmin will be larger.

In the first two games, if the player holds the control stick left or right, and then dismisses, the Pikmin will separate into groups, and these groups will stay further from each other than if the player separated the groups without touching the control stick.

In Pikmin 2, when the Pikmin figure out a point to go to, they will try to go to the average point of all Pikmin of that type. If that point is close to one or both leaders, the point will be moved some distance away from any nearby leader. The player is unable to bump against any Pikmin to bring them to the group for roughly 8.5 seconds after any dismiss. Once dismissed, Pikmin attempt to move towards their type's point, and will stop when they reach it, or when some time has passed; if the point is somewhere inaccessible (or even above or below ground), they will keep walking towards it until they stop. During this time where they go towards the type's point, they cannot interact with clogs or gates.[2]

In Pikmin 4, dismissed Pikmin that have been touched will not join the group until 10 seconds have passed since their dismissal.

Sound samplesEdit

In Pikmin, there's only one dismiss sound. In Pikmin 2, there are now three different sounds, one per leader. In Pikmin 3, all leaders share the same sound, except for Olimar and Louie in Bingo Battle: in this mode, they have Louie's dismiss sound from Pikmin 2. In Pikmin 4, there are three unique disband sounds. One for the Player Character, one for Captain Olimar, and one for Louie.

Names in other languagesEdit

Language Name Meaning Notes
  Japanese 解散?
解散 Dismiss
解散 Dismiss
  French (NoA) Diviser
Dismiss Used in New Play Control! Pikmin.
Used in New Play Control! Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3.
  French (NoE) Congédier
Dismiss Used in Pikmin and Pikmin 2.
Used in Pikmin 3.
  German Entlassen Dismiss
  Italian Congedare Dismiss
  Korean 해산하다
  Spanish Separar
Dismiss Used in Pikmin.
Used in Pikmin 2.
Used in Pikmin 3.


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