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Pikmin: Color Splash
Pikmin Color Splash logo.png
US version logo
Japanese name ピクミン カラースプラッシュ?
Console NX
Developer Nintendo EAD
Publisher Nintendo
Genre Action-Adventure
Players Single-player
Saved game size Unknown
Release date
Japan TBA (Winter 2016)
North America TBA (Winter 2016)
Europe TBA (Winter 2016)
Australia TBA (Winter 2016)
South Korea N/A

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Pikmin: Color Splash (Pikmin: Colour Splash in Europe) is an upcoming Pikmin game confirmed to be released on the Nintendo NX.[1] It has a planned release for winter 2016. At the moment, not much is known from the game other than what can be gathered from trailers and screenshots. In an attempt to make the series more accessible to wider audiences, the gameplay features massive changes from previous entries in the franchise, making it more like an RPG than a strategy game, and some core concepts that were spread out in detail in other Pikmin games were made much simpler to understand.

Although unconfirmed by Nintendo, outside sources claim that this game's creation is an attempt to boost recognition of the franchise, in order to drive the series in a new direction and with a new fanbase, with the use of Pik-Min and the Nintendo Cinematic Universe.


Upon returning to PNF-404 to rescue a trapped Louie, Captain Olimar notices that parts of the planet's objects and structure have been drained of their color. This is due to an invasive new species called Slurptongue Bulborb, that has the ability to suck color from the environment for sustenance. Following Olimar is Alph, who agreed to join the former on an adventure to restore color to the world.

It is currently not known where Pikmin: Color Splash takes place in the timeline, or if it is canon in the first place.


Areas in this game have parts of the scenery without color.

The gameplay to Pikmin: Color Splash is new to the franchise. Players control Captain Olimar throughout different areas of PNF-404 as Alph automatically follows behind. To note is that Alph does not have a function outside of story-related uses. Throughout the areas are various puzzles, normally revolving around something that lacks color, which need Pikmin to be solved. The player has a deck of cards and a pool of color dye, and each Pikmin in the player's party is represented by a card. To use a Pikmin, the player must first dye the card, which uses up some dye. The card is then discarded upon use. Mechanics in battle are similar, in that the game shifts to a turn-based battle, and players use the dyed card to combat the enemies with.

Dye is purchased with Pokos – now dropped by enemies – at the home base, the Paintiplex. Here, players may purchase red, yellow, and blue dye, and mix them accordingly to produce dye cards for the Pikmin. Another changed feature is the overworld, which, although still based on areas, it now calls them "worlds" and they are split into "levels". To move between different parts of an area, the player must use the overworld map to select where to go. There are a total of five known areas, with two more confirmed to be launch-day downloadable content.

Notable changes

Some important changes from the previous games can be noted.

  • The gameplay is of an adventure/RPG genre instead of action/strategy.
  • Pikmin are one-time uses.
  • The cards and dye are mechanics never before seen in the series.
  • Enemies drop Pokos.
  • Mid-area navigation is now done via the overworld map.
  • Treasures can be used in the areas to solve puzzles and in the right battles to make the fight easier.
  • In order to simplify the world's complexity, the only enemies are the most representative species in each family (bar the Slurptongue Bulborb), e.g.: the amphituber family is represented solely with Yellow Wollywogs.



Only Red, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin have been confirmed to return. Although they are initially found without color, they can be dyed in order to be used. How they differ from their "classic" game counterparts has not been announced yet.


Although five areas have been confirmed, their names have not been given. Two other areas, equally unnamed, have also been confirmed to be downloadable content available to purchase at launch day. Although the Paintiplex has been confirmed as a location in the game, it is not known where it will be, nor if it is a true area.

Judging from images and videos, areas with the following themes can be assumed:

  • A garden-like area.
  • A jungle area.


Although treasures are known to return, only one was seen to appear in trailers: the Paradoxical Enigma. Its name in this game is not known. Treasures are used in the areas in order to solve problems, but can also be used in battles. Depending on the enemy, a used treasure might make the fight easier, or only provide a small help. Once used up, treasures can be recollected where they were originally found.


Some enemies are known to reappear:

Slurptongue Bulborb

Artwork of a Slurptongue Bulborb.

One new enemy has been confirmed, the Slurptongue Bulborb. It resembles a Whiptongue Bulborb but its snout is designed to slurp like a straw. It can suck up color from the environment for its own sustenance. Interestingly, one image shows the enemy's name spelled as "Slurp-Tongue Bulborb". Because more sources show the enemy's name spelled as "Slurptongue", it is assumed the name with the hyphen is simply a prototype name.

Plants and fungi

To do: Obtain a list of known plants by checking trailers frame-by-frame.
Care to do so?

A few known plants return, like Seeding Dandelions, but their purpose, other than needing their color restored, is not known.

Flowers resembling Pellet Posies can be seen in the final moments of the trailer. However, when Olimar approaches one, its name is revealed to be a "Palette Posy." The purpose of this plant is not yet known.


  • Captain Olimar: Olimar is the main character in this game, and the one controlled by the player.
  • Alph: Alph follows Olimar around the areas as a non-playable character. He has no purpose in gameplay terms, but he's an assistant to the Captain and controls the dye supply.
  • The President: The President of Hocotate Freight appears in this game as the owner of the Paintiplex.
  • Louie: Louie has once again become stranded in the planet PNF-404, and is being held captive by the Slurptongue Bulborbs.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
  Japanese ピクミン カラースプラッシュ?
Pikumin Karā Supurasshu

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