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Parched Brook

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Parched Brook is the eighth stage of Pikmin 3's Bingo Battle.

Red, Blue, and Winged Pikmin can be found here.


The variation unlock order, as explained here, is A, C, B.

Layout A[edit]

Layout A.

This layout has lots of bomb rocks scattered around the area.



Other objects[edit]


Layout B[edit]

Layout B.

This layout gives players Yellow Pikmin to start with and Blue Pikmin can be found buried.


Plants and fungi[edit]


Other objects[edit]


Layout C[edit]

Layout C.

This layout has no bridges and Winged Pikmin can be found buried.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of France French Rigole chantante Singing Channel
Flag of Germany German Murmelnder Bach Murmuring Brook
Flag of Italy Italian Rivo asciutto Dry Stream
Flag of Spain Spanish Arroyo Rumoroso Rumorous Stream