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Repair-Type Bolt

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Repair-type Bolt
Icon used to represent the ship part on the wiki.
Artwork of the Repair-type Bolt.
This ship part is required for the S.S. Dolphin to escape the planet.
Weight 20
Max. carriers 40 Pikmin
Location The Distant Spring
Repair-Type Bolt
(Pikmin 3 Deluxe)
Icon used to represent the ship part on the wiki.
Weight 10
Max. carriers 20 Pikmin
Mission The Ship Restored
Repair-Type Bolt
(Pikmin 4)
Icon used to represent the ship part on the wiki.
Weight 10
Max. carriers 20 Pikmin
Location Sun-Speckled Terrace, Blossoming Arcadia, Serene Shores, Hero's Hideaway

The Repair-Type Bolt (リペアTYPEネジ?, lit.: "Repair-TYPE Bolt"; formatted as Repair-type Bolt in Pikmin) is a ship part lost by the S.S. Dolphin during Olimar's crash landing, one of the ten found in The Distant Spring. It looks like an ordinary bolt, but is actually a robotic marvel that can fix anything in a ship. It can be seen in the background as Olimar lands. In Pikmin 2, the place where this part is found was replaced by a small ledge that lets Pikmin build a bridge. The device highly resembles a wind-up key. When collected, this ship part does not change the S.S. Dolphin's appearance.

In Pikmin 3 Deluxe, another one with red paint on the bolt (the bolt does not spin by itself) appears as part of the Hocotate ship. This Repair-Type Bolt is worth Texture used for the Poko in Pikmin 3. × 500. In Pikmin 4, four Repair-Type Bolts must be collected in Olimar's Shipwreck Tale. These bolts are scattered across the four explorable areas and are all red like the Hocotate ship's, leaving the original unaccounted for in the mode.

Collecting the part[edit]

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In Pikmin[edit]

DS texture.png
Repair-type Bolt icon.png
Location of the Repair-type Bolt.

Despite being located on a high ledge, Yellow Pikmin aren't required. Instead, take out 20 Blue Pikmin and go to the ledge northwest of the landing site and toss them up the ledge. Call them and guide them by moving the group (or simply making them follow you), to the ledge with the ship part. Dismiss them and have them carry the part back. As it is on a high ledge, Pikmin can get deflowered when carrying it. To avoid this, call them before they fall down or walk away and adjust the camera so they're not in your sight.

In Pikmin 3 Deluxe[edit]

This is one of the parts you must carry to the ship during the final mission of the Side Stories, The Ship Restored. It is located inside the Calcified Crushblat near the start. Defeating the creature frees the part from it, allowing it to be easily collected, provided the other creatures have been taken care of.

In Pikmin 4[edit]

Sun-Speckled Terrace[edit]

The Repair-Type Bolt is partially buried on a ledge east of the Ancient Arches base. Before or while your Pikmin dig it up, kill the mandiblards in the way lest they endanger carrying Pikmin. Yellow Pikmin are normally required, but by carefully positioning Olimar, it is also possible to reach the part with Red or Blue Pikmin.[1]

Blossoming Arcadia[edit]

See also: Creeping Chrysanthemum#Strategy.

The Repair-Type Bolt is lying in the middle of a ravine in the southeastern part of the area. It is a trap: once you approach it, a Creeping Chrysanthemum will emerge and attack you. Come prepared for the fight and kill the Chrysanthemum before you transport the part.

Serene Shores[edit]

The Repair-Type Bolt is buried on a small island near the Water's Edge base. Kill the nearby Aristocrab Offsprings and Hermit Crawmad to make sure they cannot disrupt its transport, then assign a group of Pikmin to dig it up. Blue Pikmin are required initially as the part is on an island, but any type can carry it back once water levels decrease at midday.

Hero's Hideaway[edit]

Dig a tunnel to the kitchen countertop in the northern part of the area. Once the tunnel is cleared, bring at least 10 Blue Pikmin through and go to the sink on the right, where a Repair-Type Bolt lies submerged in water. Kill the nearby Toady Bloyster before you let your Blue Pikmin transport the part.


Olimar's monologs

I've found the Repair-type Bolt!

This robotic marvel can fix just about anything in the ship that's broken. That's good, because I get terribly bored fixing little glitches.

This looks like an ordinary bolt, but it is actually a repair bolt.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese リペアTYPEネジ?
Ripea-TYPE Neji
Repair-TYPE Spring
Flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Chinese
Xiūlǐ-TYPE Luósī
Repair-TYPE Bolt
Flag of China Chinese
Xiūlǐ-TYPE Luósī
Repair-TYPE Bolt
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Reparatieschroef Repair screw
Flag of Québec French (NoA) Boulon de réparation (in-game)
Boulon de rép. (final results screen)
Repair bolt
Rep. bolt
Flag of France French (NoE) Boulon de Secours Emergency Bolt
Flag of Germany German Reparatur-Bolzen Repair Bolt
Flag of Italy Italian Bullone riparazione Repair bolt
Flag of South Korea Korean 리페어TYPE 태엽
Ripeeo-TYPE Taeyeop
Repair-TYPE Spring
Flag of Brazil Portuguese Parafuso de reparo Repair bolt
Flag of Spain Spanish Perno reparador Repair bolt

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  1. ^ YouTube video demonstrating use of Red Pikmin to reach the part (at 03:40), published on 07 24th, 2023