Searing Acidshock

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Searing Acidshock Icon used to represent the fruit on the wiki.
Searing acidshock.png
Juice amount 1.0
Mission Mode value Poko icon.png × 50
Weight 3
Max carriers 6 (normally)
Locations Tropical Wilds, Garden of Hope, Twilight River
Mission Mode locations Shaded Garden Remix
Bingo Battle locations None

The Searing Acidshock is a fruit found in Pikmin 3. It is a green, unripened Japanese apricot, also known as an ume. It takes three Pikmin to carry, and gives one cup of juice. It also bears a slight resemblance to the Lesser Mock Bottom, although they're entirely different fruits. There are four Searing Acidshocks in story mode, appearing in the Tropical Wilds, Garden of Hope, and Twilight River.

Collecting the fruit[edit]

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Tropical Wilds[edit]

At the far end of the large body of water guarded by a Hermit Crawmad, there is a passage to another large area. A dirt wall must be destroyed, revealing a large, round area with a small chunk of land in the middle. Defeat the Puckering Blinnows in the surrounding water, and you will find a Calcified Crushblat on the chunk of land. Using nearby Candypop Buds, Rock Pikmin can be obtained to defeat the Crushblat, which has the Searing Acidshock. Use the Candypop Buds once again to transform the Rock Pikmin back into Blue Pikmin, and carry back the fruit. Alternatively, you can destroy the creature easily with three bomb rocks.

Garden of Hope (crystal)[edit]

After Louie has been saved from the Scornet Maestro, he will run away, destroying the cinder block in the Garden of Hope, opening up a new section. Blue Pikmin must be used to retrieve submerged fragments in order to build a bridge across to a tiled chunk of land. A Waddlepus will be found here, along with a Burgeoning Spiderwort and a large crystal which contains the Searing Acidshock. Upon destroying the crystal, the fruit will be ready to be taken back.

Garden of Hope (Bug-Eyed Crawmad)[edit]

Another Searing Acidshock is found in the area beyond the cinder block, and is inside a Bug-Eyed Crawmad next to a large pile of fragments. The creature is surrounded by water on both sides, so Blue or Winged Pikmin must be used to fight it. Winged Pikmin make for a quicker fight, since they automatically fly up to the creature's eye-stalks without needing to throw.

Twilight River[edit]

Using lily pads, you must cross the river north of the landing site and head to the west until coming across a Puffy Blowhog. Close to the edge of the river in the area there are some Flukeweeds. One requires 3 Winged Pikmin to lift and holds the Searing Acidshock. Thanks to a branch nearby that leads directly back to the Drake, the return trip should be very quick for this fruit.


Brittany's notes

US version US version
Ack! Sour! So sour! I feel like my taste buds have been sucker punched! We can't afford to waste edible fruit, but this one will need to be pickled or something before anyone would willingly eat it. On the plus side, I'll never forget that face Alph made...
European version European version
Ooh! Sour! So sour! I feel like my taste buds have been turned inside-out! We can't afford to waste edible fruit, but this one will need to be pickled or something before anyone would willingly eat it. On the plus side, I'll never forget the face that Alph made...

Technical information[edit]

Pikmin 3 technical information (?)
Internal name apricot
Juice 1.0
Juice color
(255, 200, 0, 255)
Mission Mode points 50
"Size"? 2



  • Umes are often pickled, turning into the dish umeboshi, or Japanese salt plums. They have a strong sour and salty taste. This is why Brittany suggests pickling the Searing Acidshock to make it more palatable.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese セイコウノモト?
Seikou no moto
Leader to Success, it coming from Japanese saying shippai wa seikou no moto meaning "a failure leads to a success" and real world ume fruit is suppai (sour).
Flag of France.svg French Écrin acerbe Acerbic case
Flag of Germany.svg German Wachmacher-Knolle
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish (NoE) Cálida victoria Warm victory

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