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Day 3:

A Toady Bloyster and 2 Juicy Gaggles under the water in River.

Side Story Olimar's Assignment
Objective Collect Fruits!
Area Twilight River
Starting Pikmin
Red Pikmin P3 icon.png Yellow Pikmin P3 icon.png Blue Pikmin P3 icon.png
12 23 20
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
400 570 730 870
Time limit 10:00
Music Olimar's Assignment (days 3-4)

River (渓流?, lit.: "Mountain Stream") is the third mission in Olimar's Assignment, representing the third day of Olimar and Louie's third trip to PNF-404. It takes place in the Twilight River.


Olimar's Expedition Log: River Survey[edit]

[The scene shows Captain Olimar facing the camera. He is next to some rocks near the shore, on the second half of the area, between the pink 5 pellet Pellet Posy and the bamboo gate.]

This is Olimar, captain of the S.S. Dolphin.

I've been to this planet twice before already. I never tire of hunting for treasure here!

I've traveled far and wide across this planet during my several trips here.

But I'm only now noticing that several of my notes and log entries have gone missing.

It must be a memory leak with my file-management routine. I think I heard someone in IT talking about that once.

Once I'm back on Hocotate, I'll try to convince the president we need an upgrade.

[Olimar looks to his left to the area where Scornets are first found in-game, and sees Louie and some Pikmin running around a swarm of Scornets. The scene then returns to Olimar.]

Maybe I can get an upgrade to my partner while I’m at it.

[Louie is heard tripping and falling offscreen, followed by the sound of a Scornet stinging him and him grunting in pain.]

This cutscene is identical to the Secret File Olimar's Expedition Log - At the River -, but with slightly different subtitles.


In relation to Story Mode, this takes place sometime before the Koppaites have reached Twilight River, as there is no indication of their presence, such as the lily pads being available in this part of the area. Louie has also yet to be captured by the Scornet Maestro, which should have happened before the S.S. Drake landed in the area for the first time. There are also several missing objects, such as bridge fragments and clipboards (though their absence could just be for gameplay reasons and not canon). It is likely Olimar buried the Scorch Guard during this visit, as this would be the last time he visits the area before his capture, though this is not seen.


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There’s treasure to be had on land and water, and I want it all! Oh, and don’t bother waiting around for lily pads. The water’s not flowing. Find another way!

Loading screen tip[edit]

The President's neutral icon in Pikmin 3 Deluxe.Gather that fruit in the water, too.

During gameplay[edit]

In some situations during gameplay, Olimar or Louie will leave a comment.

Trigger Olimar Louie
Near the SPERO or Onion Olimar's neutral icon in Pikmin 3.I hear a river nearby... Hopefully there'll be some Blue Pikmin there. Louie neutral icon.pngDo you hear that? ...Water! And water could mean fish!
Near the lily pad closest to the Astringent Clump Olimar's neutral icon in Pikmin 3.If only the lily pads were moving! It would be much easier to get around then. Louie neutral icon.pngIn the water with the Blue Pikmin...
Approaching the Bearded Amprats Olimar's neutral icon in Pikmin 3.That electricity is incredible! Louie neutral icon.pngThere's two!

Assignment Report[edit]

With Louie's help, we’ve collected a pretty good treasure haul so far. I just wish he’d stop eating every fruit he sees.

We have to work harder on finding some truly valuable treasures. The sooner we hit our quota, the sooner I can get back to my wife and kids on Hocotate.


Names in other languages[edit]

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Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan Japanese 渓流?
Mountain Stream
Flag of France French la rivière the river
Flag of Germany German Fluss River
Flag of Spain Spanish Río River

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